Atrocitus Would be Proud- The Injustice Rage and Hatemail Thread


then he’ll eventually back himself into the corner; i know what to do from there. thanks, i’ll try that out =]


Night wings staff stance is deceptively strong. Earlier I dropped a night wing to red health without taking a hit, and then he switched to staff and proceeded to destroy me in the corner. Haven’t messed around in the lab or looked at the frame data, but I’m not sure what a good answer to it is yet. Armored wake up maybe?


Armored wakeup works…unless he does 1f1, or decides to cancel into Staff Spin.

To be quite honest, outside of a few matchups/situations…there’s little reason for a Nightwing to be in anything BUT Staff Stance.


Yeah, aside from the matchup discrepancy, the only downside I could see to staying in staff constantly is that the lack of mobility might leave you open to the other guy punishing you with interactables…that depends on the map though of course.


Well that and while in Staff Stance you’re unable to use interactives that require you to jump (like the TVs in Arkham). This is also a bit of a problem.


Got my first ragequit as a Nightwing!

“nicecanofspam” some shitty Killer Frost player ragequit the second it said Nightwing wins.

Not much to say here, he’s a shitty flowchart Killer Frost. He has a mic so I know he’s grown lol.


Gone for half a day and suddenly there’s a swath of hatemailers apparently. I just so happened to spend the day playing MH3U. Dang did I miss out on some fun.


Trust me, you’ll get plenty of hatemail for Nightwing. PLENTY.


Only online. We get blown up as soon as we step offline.

Yeah, I’m including myself in that group because I’m starting to think that’s what I am. Sure I can combo and reset, but damn does my performance suffer against offline tournament level players. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to really good rushdown? IDK.

Hmmm that’s good to know. I’m trying to figure out how to fight staff stance Nightwing actually. He’s really really safe in that stance it seems.


Play Hawkgirl or Cyborg.


I thought you were talking about us for a hot minute lol, you need to get on Skype btw for the lulz chat so we can shit talk your Grundy.


I play both lol.

Their both really good characters to play because they both either counterpick high tiers or have plenty of tools that people don’t know how to deal with usually.


I use my monitor to play the game and I’m using up my one good audio port for it. When I get my new PC you guys can shit talk my Grundy.


Good! GG’s by the way, but our connection seems kind of eh. Dash guns was just never, ever going to work lol.


lmao. i just got ragemail from the infamous xZhaust134 for denying his challenge. "you fuckin pussy"
that guy clearly doesn’t remember that i beat his BS like week one of this game. he pretty much did the same thing in mortal kombat.


Ahhhhh shit… I suck with both of them XD


Lol, had two pretty funny ragequits earlier. First one was a hawkgirl who activated flight to get over my batarangs from all the way across the screen, and then slowly inched her way towards me while I stood still. As soon as she gets in range, I use the antiair grapple hook, burned meter for the bounce and get a full combo. Random wakeup super that wiffs…and ragequit.
Next up after that was a catwoman who started the round by jumping back, and back, and back, all the way to the edge of the screen while I stood at starting position. She never stops jumping. Finally, realizing I’m not coming toward her, she starts jumping towards me. Again, right when she jumps in range…anti air grapple, bounce, full combo. She gets up standing still…ragequit.
Lol…I guess that’s what I get for being cheap, right?

Also, directly after that I did about 10 more matches and got all kinds of blown up. Had a few Batman mirror matches where I got out played every step of the way. I guess I finally found the good players. Haha…God help me.


Houdini_DEaz: “FAGGOT”

i was actually about to challenge him, but he challenged me first. anyways, he was a 100% yolo lobo, and i got that after beating him.


What a small world. I usually get hate from Houdini_DEaz from the in-game chat.


Aw, Houdini’s like that? I’ve played a few sets with him and he was pretty nice, and our connection is good since we live in the same city. I’ve never gotten any salt or trash talk from him like that.

I’ve gotten plenty of ragequits and salt and homophobic slurs, but there are two players that stand out above the rest. I like lots of DC chars so I play Shazam, Nightwing, Supes, Green Lantern, Flash and Deathstroke for trolling fun. I’m not particularly great with any but enough to get frustrate your average scurb, it would seem. Anyway…

  1. ryanfoxboy. So I run into this guy randomly in elseworlds or something, and we play a match. I’m trying to pick up Supes, and he’s rocking that braindead online Doomsday. My rule is 3 matches of consistent bodying before I leave, and lo and behold, on match 3 he sends me hatemail, something along the lines of “cheap spam bullshit”. Not my fault he kept eating lasers and body splashing into my mb b3. So I decide to give him another game and pick Shazam, of course the guy doesn’t know what a cross-up is so I body his Doomsday. I send a message along the lines of “there, satisfied? No zoning. Stop body splashing.” he responds with, and I could not make this shit up, “true, but you combo spammed.”
    “Wtf is combo spam?”
    “Same combo over and over. wow your soo good.”
    “What am I supposed to do, only maximize my damage sometimes? I haven’t seen you do a single combo (this is true. The guy either body splashed, swept, or threw, every single time)”.
    "i dont combo. combos are boring are repetitive. luky 4 u i dont use combos or you couldnt keep up with me. i cant imagine you playing ufc or fight night."
    Now, at this point I was cracking up, and pretty sure I had been trolled, until he started talking trash about “if i spam with deathstroke you don’t have a chance.” Feeling charitable, I picked my GL and played his DS for a bit. We ended up 8-2 in my favor, and he still had the balls to talk trash to me after. I left and said he could inv me for some more salt whenever he likes.

  2. GAMETIME_BUTCHER. This guy picks Bane, and I’m still learning Supes. I know it’s a good match up for Supes, but he seemed to have a decent record (500/200 w/l or so) and I’m lame like that. All he doe sis venom charge, then d1 into command grab for a tick throw set-ups. Occasionally he would mix it up with bane’s double punch, but I’m fairly sure those were execution errors lol. I zone him effectively with Supes for 2 matches, my trait blowing up his armored dashes, then on our 3rd match, I decide to rush him down and do fairly well then. The match ends with him going for a very obvious intractable toss, so I super’d right through it, and he ragequits through the animation. I send him a message (I’m a sore winner, I know, but I’m sick of these frauds ruining this game’s online experience. He could be a decent player if he just learned some fundamentals and broke free from his flowchart), “First I broke the bat…THEN I BROKE THE SCRUB”.
    He responds "hardly."
    and I say "3-0 and a ragequit ;)"
    He calls me out saying I only won because Supes is cheap and blah blah, and that I should inv him if I can play anyone else. I do so and beat him with every single other character I play, and then leave the room. Then he sends me a message saying “whatever. At least I’m not an arrogant piece of shit blah blah blah”. Right.

This is all PSN btw, my gamertag is TheMrGrace. I’ve seen you in lobbies before Husteen, though I don’t think we’ve played yet. Are you anywhere near Miami?