Att: Ponder Or Inkblot


I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I find it extremely anoying when I go to the forum jump and there is 1,000 and 1 things on there. Is there any way to get rid of all the mc2/3s/cvs2 char.? Maybe just the title of the games and have the link go to a page that displays all the characters. Maybe it’s no big deal to everyone else but I think it’s a big pain in the ass to scroll down thru all the characters, when most of them are useless. Specially in Marvel:Kobun, dan, roll, anakaris, ruby etc…
Any change would be improovement. Sorry for posting here(off the subject) but I wanted to get your att. Feel free to delete this thread. Actually a responce would be nice. I’ll delete it. Thanks for the time.



Mira Shankar, abajo de donde dice “Your competitive edge” en el titulo, con el taskbar que tiene (top of the page), hay OTRO forum jump que no tiene los personajes y todo eso. Creo que esto te contesta la pregunta.



My question is, are you talking about the forum jump on the upper left of the page that happens to be set up exactly the way that you are requesting.