Attaching an usb socket custom stick

Ok, thread title misses a “to a”… nevermind.

Hey guys,

I just finished my custom arcade stick using the AXISdapter. The only thing missing: a nice finish for the USB connection. I soldered a cable with USB mini B on one side (this one goes to the PS3 PCB), USB female on the other side (this one sits at the housing). To do: a USB male to male cable to connect the stick to the console.

My problem is the USB female part. I can’t think of a nice way to fixate it at the case and make it look nice to the outside. As of now, I drilled a 15mm hole in the case und screwed one of these USB connectors on the inside, but I don’t really like it. I thought of using one of these (don’t know what they are called in english), cut a hole in them etc. blah, but I’m unsure if it’s going to work.

Any suggestions?

i ordered some mini USB extensions here ( )

I was thinking of finding the max diameter of the female end, then drill the hole into my wooden box, fill up gaps with putty.

If necessary i will use my wood router to recess the hole to expose the metal contacts part

this is a classy lassy right here:

EDIT: google shopping link

I don’t have enough experience in working with putty to make that look good.

Awesome - that’s exactly what I was looking for! Do you happen to know the diameter of that thing?

looks to be 23.6mm according to technical drawing on the product page.

They go by the name “NAUSB” by Neutrik. A quick google search will give you more buying options. Also comes in black too.

Looks like 24mm to me, according to the picture on the top left. 23.6mm seems to refer to the inside diameter. I’ll try out and post here afterwards. Thanks for google’ing the data sheet :wink:

Yeah, that’s the one I’m going to buy. I just found a shop here that sells these sockets on their web site, I hope they have some in stock for me to pick up later.

Monte is correct… it’s 23.6… i have 50 of them here to check against


Ok, I won’t argue with that :slight_smile: