Attaching battop to a TE


I attached a battop to my SE a few years ago and it was an incredibly simple and straight forward process, as far as I can remember I just held the stick in place and twisted the ball top off and added the battop.

I decided to switch back to battop on my TE because I thought it would be more comfortable as I have large hands but after holding the stick in place and rotating the balltop it just spins round not getting any looser or tighter.

Does this mean TE’s are different to SE’s in this regard and that I’ll have to go searching for my tool kit, or is this a defect?


Did you get the thread adapter?


Because you are gripping the Shaft Cover.
You are not gripping the Shaft, which you can’t with the Shaft Cover.

Open TE from top.
Put screwdriver to end of Shaft.
Twist off the Ball Top, then install Bat Top.


Yeah it came with my battop

Ah okay that makes sense, thanks for the help.

I couldn’t help laugh at the fact you used shaft and balls together in a sentence.