Attaching pushbuttons to quick connects - tips? D:


Okay I got the parts for my hopefully own arcade stick last friday and this might sound like quite a pathetic question: anyone has any tips on how to connect my solderless quick connects to my pushbuttons? The quick connects are too tight to attach to the pushbuttons and I’d need to open them up a bit. Anyone knows of any item suitable for that purpose?


What buttons do you have and what size are the quick disconnects? If they’re .110 (Japanese size) I don’t think you’ll be getting them on Happ buttons. You may be able to open then up a little with a pair of pliers… not sure. Take a picture if you can.


Fine point needle nosepliers

I suggest the rounded point pliers

(Yay…jewelry making history comes back to help!)


.110 quick connects and sanwa buttons.

I already trid with a nose plier but it was too big, maybe need a smaller one then.


When I got my first Happ buttons, the disconnects were too tight to slide on gently. May not sound like the best solution, but I individually primed all of my .187 disconnects before wiring them by brute forcing them onto the switch and pulling them off. After that they slid on firmly, but without as much force required.

Seemed to work without any trouble, but I haven’t done anything with .110 disconnects or Sanwa buttons yet.


They’re supposed to be tight. Just use elbow grease.


Theres tight then there is won’t go on tight.

Because when you first get QD’s they are actually really tight.


When choosing quick disconnects you have to check not only that the width is correct (.250", .187", .110") but also the thickness. The tabs on Japanese buttons require QD’s with a .020" thickness but you can also find QD’s made for thicker tabs (.035) or thinner tabs (.016, .012). If you get the former, they won’t stay on Japanese buttons. If you get the latter, they won’t fit Japanese buttons (unless you deform them).


Haven’t been able to find any suitable tools so I decided to try the brute force tactics and I can get them halfway on. Am I required to go all the way? I really feel that I’ll break the pushbuttons’ connect-part if I put any more force into it.


Brute force breaks shit. take your time, do it the smart way.


I usually use a very small small flathead screwdriver and force it about halfway into the QD to open it up. Fits like a glove after that.


You should have a precision screw driver set in your tool box. I have a flathead screwdriver that is about 2 mm in width. Other wise paper clip or thumb tack to widen.


I managed to get hold of a tiny flathead screwdiver which did the job. Thanks, guys. :3


I do this too