Attack Button Layout


According to Max’s latest video, the current attack button layout seems to be


I’m kind of saddened by this because I thought UMvC3’s layout worked well. The problem with MvC2’s layout is that without a raw M button, the neutral game is reliant on just 2 types of pokes (fast and slow). There is no in between.

Would you want MvC2 layout, MvC3’s layout, TvC’s layout or MvC1’s layout?


id prefer mvc1 layout because mvc2 layout robbed people like venom of some of their best pokes (venoms air mk was really good for guard breaks)

but mvc2 layout is way better than mvc3 layout


actually after watching that gameplay video again slowed it does look like its punch and kick based and not LMH. this is exciting!


Pretty much what Nick said. MVC1 is idle, but MVC2 would be the next best option.

The TVC/MVC3 layout worked for those games. I don’t dislike them. I’d just rather them go back to revisit the previous layouts.


I don’t know… I still think there should be a balance between a stubby fast limb and a long reaching sluggish one when poking in neutral. I would take either UMvC3’s or MvC1’s.


i prefer the option of different kicks/punches over just one “light” attack that can be picked at random


MvC2 control scheme is fine. It’ll also likely work even better when you get characters designed around it better.


I want the MvC1 button layout.


I think LP/HP/LK/HK arguably offers pretty good variety for potential pokes. Just because it’s a ‘light’ kick doesn’t mean that the standing LK can’t be like a K’ style poke. Gives some particular buttons, especially kicks, a real purpose where in MvC2 a lot of characters had four buttons and about three actual normals.


What do you mean by K’ style?

Is this a reference to how K’ in XIV used to play like a Marvel 3 character where almost any poke could be confirmed into big damage?


I think the MvC3 layout is fine but It’d be nice if they changed it up for this game. I loved MvC2’s layout


anything but LMH


MVC2 layout with Powerstone and tag buttons instead of assists seem good for this game.


I never found out how mvc3 layout was, I only played xmen vs SF and that was the regular 6 button jab,strong,fierce on top and short,forward,roundhouse below. How was umvc3? How many punches and kicks?


Marvel 3 dumped separate punches and kicks and simply used an anime inspired Light > Medium > Heavy > Launcher (S), plus 2 assist buttons.


Essentially. Mostly that it’s useful in that it’s swift and somewhat long instead of swift and short.


Yep, mvc2 blackheart couldn’t do air mp which was great in MSH :mad: but mvc2 blackheart became pretty much all about lk and demons so meh

mvc1 layout also makes more sense cause you don’t need any assist buttons for this game anyway, there’s no reason to scrunch up the attacks to 4 buttons to make room for assists


4 attack buttons works better for pad though.


4 buttons means cable…ijs


MvC3. Launch button is a god send and its much better with 4 buttons on pad than 6. One of the shoulder buttons can be Tag, another shoulder button to activate the Gems.