Attack Of The Folds

Hey everyone,

Here’s a picture of Ken i drew and coloured. Total time colouring was about 2 hours… i think. I used PS CS and a Intuos2 tablet. By far my best colouring to date… i think - hope you all like it. All comments and criticisms are welcome.

Just click on the link:

Looks very good! One of the best things I have ever saw here on SRK!:slight_smile:

Cheers matey, that really means alot.

Are you sure?

When i joined this forum, it was literally the first time i picked up a pencil and really decided i wanted to be the best that i can be at drawing - but this genre in particular.
There is awesome talent on this board, but as a result this really pushes me even harder, i thrive to be one of the best.
It’s an honour that regard the picture so highly. But you know what? I still believe the best is yet to come…

:confused: how dose he stand on his toes like that. you know that shit gotta hert.:eek: :confused:

^^that was not a standing post, ken was performed a spin kick in the air:p

Seth, he’s in midair. Don’t tell me you don’t know that…

and @ jz_chu237: He looks a bit too static for a Tatsumake Senpuu Kyaku… Maybe it’s the fact that his leg is going way too high. Looks more like he’s dancing the russian Kalinka while looking backwards in anger. :eek:

I wouldn’t say its the best ever but,yo thats some damn fine work to just be starting out man. I encourage you to keep at it and send some more in.Theres no doubt that youll be gettin better cuz. Believe dat!:cool: