Attack of the Red Shadows!

2nd issue is up!

This story is entitled** “ATTACK OF THE SHADOWS”, **
This story is a multi-issue story. We are only releasing the first issue this week , which is 4 pages . However we will be releasing each subsequent issue ( 4 pages ) every two weeks until the whole story is complete.

So Check out the link first FULL COLOUR issue of **ATTACK OF THE SHADOWS **story in the post here:

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Once you’re done reading, discuss it (story, art, colours)

The Colourists for this story comes all the way from Singapore and thus shows the International web of terror Baron Iron Blood has . His name is** Kong Kok Keong **and you can find 1 of his many sites here:

NOW EVERYONE please please go thank him for the work on this issue, its only because of the colourists like him that we can present these stories, so please show your appreciation by thanking him ( this way we can get him to do more ! LOL )

Also we still need more colourists so if you can help please PM or e-mail me! Our plan is to colour all of the galleries at for GI Joe / Action Force fans everywhere.
If you havent checked out the first FULL COLOUR story Showdown for the SHadows yet then go here: