Attack the Block

Decent alien flick. Watch it with the sound off unless you live in the UK/understand Cockney.

Grow up and learn that there are more accents in the world than American.

Good flick though.

i avoid all filicks based on the “the yoof” in london.

I’m IN America - there are more accents here than anyone could possibly know and we’re all supposedly speaking mostly English (see Jersey Shore).
I KNOW there are more accents out there, I don’t have to fucking LIKE them - thus mute was invented. Welcome to SRK. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with you man, lived in london all my life but I hate cockney and extreme “sarf lundan” accents.

I heard the movie was very good. It got a kind of limited release though so I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can watch it. Guys I listen to said it was amazing. I also downloaded the soundtrack and thats very good too.

It doesn’t have some lame rap soundtrack, does it? I’m this close to dling the movie. I can tolerate the accents. I like a lot of UK shows: Mongrels, Being Human (US fucked that up, imo) Chef, Blackadder, that series with the veterinarian James Herriot, etc

This movie wasn’t too bad. It was kind of funny seeing how “grime” kids differ from the American hood kids (it looks to me that London youth seem to be a lot worst than what America has to offer). Anyways, I enjoyed the movie. It had some funny parts and I thought the alien design worked really well. Worth the watch.

It does seem that way. Their childish-sounding UK slang makes them seem…not-so-tough, though. It has the same demasculinizing effect as Nappa playing Pattycake. They might be just as hard, and more dangerous than US hoods, but they sound like a bunch of nancy-boys when they speak.

Yeah this is true. It reminds me of the kids from Kidulthood… They are just trying too hard, and it was interesting to see that there are consequences for your actions (which was shown all through the whole movie)…

and thats why i hate these “urban” uk films. they overdo the slang, like that other film “adulthood”… uk estate are shitholes but they’re not anywhere near as messed up as most places in america or even france.

No its like a mix of like dark electronic music. Some of its kind of similar to dubstep. I love it because I’m in to that kind of thing and many people aren’t. I’d say youtube the soundtrack and see for yourself.

It’s pretty good. Even the slang wasn’t as bad as it could have been, considering how some writers seem to think that people in those environments can’t not use slang for a sentence.

The movie actually surprised me with some of the more, “unfortunate” events that occurred in it. I’m not use to seeing that sort of thing, because of the age groups represented in the film.

By bizarre coincidence, I’m going to a screening in 20 minutes.

I feel like the slang was heavy earlier up front but then it tapers off and levels out. Anyhow, I was secretly hoping for Simon Pegg and I love the Pegg/Frost duo but still a fun watch.

:wtf:…da fuck? Dude, you shippin’? And you’re not even trying to “no homo” that shit, either. shakes head Kids these days…so confused…

It’s probably because he didn’t say anything that sounded gay.

Anyway, saw the movie. Was pretty good, sorta reminded me of a John Carpenter movie, only younger and faster-paced.

shrug Eh, shipping just seems like something young girls do. Never heard a dude say shit like “OMG, those 2 are soooo perfect for each other, they should/I wish they would get together”, or discuss 2 people hooking up at all, except casually telling someone that it happened last month, week, or yesterday. Never that they desperately wish that they WOULD hook up or that they should. To care about someone else’s relationships, be they real people or fictional characters, to the point where you feel they made a wrong choice in relationships and would make a perfect pair with some other character just because they’re current choice doesn’t please you…that doesn’t quite seem…dude-ly. No offense intended toward the dude (?), just saying. It struck me as a little…odd. I’ll drop it now.

Pegg = Simon Pegg.
Frost = Nick Frost.

They are actors, and have done a bunch of movies together. He was saying that because Nick Frost had a role in the movie, he was hoping Simon Pegg would show up as well, because they make a good duo.


:rofl: TS, thanks for clarifying what I was saying in my post :tup: