Attacking after jd


do you get frame advantage after jd? can you do certain attacks after you jd?


not really. thats what Parry is, though.


But you don’t get pushed back, so you can usually get a free throw in after a jd’d jumpin.


JDing doesn’t give you a frame advantage, however, you are in a version of block stun for just a second. If the opponent has thrown anything slower than a strong or forward (depending on the character) you can usually hit them before they recover with a nice fast move. If someone throws a fierce or a roundhouse up close and you JD, its free combo time… unless its Cammy’s close fierce, that shit is retardedly fast. Just watch out for people who tick throw good JDers… my friend starting picking up on it because you’re not pushed back and aren’t in block stun, thus are throwable. I guess thats to teach me not to JD standing jabs anymore.