Attempt at a SF3 Alex rip, Look at it


After SF3 Recolored.gif

Perhaps it can be used it avatars because of all the blending or something. If you guys want to use it, have at it.

Very nice rip.

It could be recolored like my edit.

nice both of you

i’ll take my hand at editing that sprite…

just darkened it a bit

The colors just dont seem right on that one. I took the colors for the rip and clean right off of the screenshot its self. Mine does look to bright, but that doesnt look right.

Heres the original screenshot Screen.jpg

And heres the screenshot resized, showing a comparison of the screenshot to the cleaned one. Comparison.gif

as i said… i only darkened it

Aight, I was just sayin that it didnt look right. I actually re darkened it a bit as well. Hence the change of the original post. I see what ya mean by being to bright but that one just looked way to dark. And I felt the need to have to show you it itself. Meh, You were right.