Attempting my first mod/build but need some help

So I just started playing SFxT and I decided that it’s time for me to get myself a fight stick. Problem is I’m super broke so I was looking for some alternative ways for me to accomplish getting one. I found one of the Klassic Mortal Kombat sticks for the 360 pretty cheap and thought to myself “Why don’t I just tear this apart, make a new top for it and use all the parts?”

So here I am mid trying to get this thing apart, and I’ve got it down to everything being out of the top board except for the joystick. For some reason I can not figure out how these fully dissemble so I can be left with just the board to start working on fabricating a replacement. I know that the stick is from Happ and it’s a bat top… but that’s about all I know. Any chance someone has some experience with these things?

Maybe this’ll help: