Attention All Akuma Players - Dive Kick

We need to clear something up. Everytime someone talks about a divekick, people are getting confused. There are two “divekicks”.
First you have :uf: :d: :mk:
Then you have the demon flip dive kick: :dp: :k: , :k:

I think theres a big difference between the two, and if some person reads a post and does a demonflip divekick instead of using a regular divekick i think that might really f*ck their game up. I think its hella crucial to know which divekick the person is talking about. Most of this goes over other people’s heads. But I say if u wanna get serious with Akuma, then be specific. So the next time you mention a dive kick, please specify which one. PLEASE!

Thank you for listening to my bitching.

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flip kick

howz that?

^ I’m down with that.
Gouk players, what say you?

dive kick, demon flip kick. Yeah it gets confusing, but Im pretty sure most of the time they mean off of the demon flip. I use both all the time in my game, but that dive kick gets me in trouble all the time, but it looks so cool.

Hey guys, sorry if I stirred up a controversy with my post about the “downward kicks”. I didn’t realize I needed to differentiate the two. If this thread is unrelated to my post about getting thrown all the time, then disregard this reply. If it did spark this thread, I should clarify what I meant.

I meant both forms of “downward kicks”. Both kicks require the player to space the distance correctly in order to land in a comboable situation. If you misjudge the angle of entry and land the kick too high, then you are in need of different tactics. I was just curious as to what you guys do to get out of a potentially bad situation.

In the future I will be more clear on the wording. Thanks for the help though!

p.s. I just wanted to say “I called it”, and this will only mean something to a certain user on this forum by the name of SRT4MIKE :rofl:

^this post doesn’t particularly imply to you.
it’s for everyone.

just out of curiosity… since regular dive kick and demon flip air kick have a completely different animation, is the hitbox also different?

Just don’t try to combo the dive kick with “Fierce Tatsu” :rofl: I can already see the new post: Attention Q Players - FIERCE IS A PUNCH, ROUNDHOUSE IS A KICK

everyone calls it fierce kick once in a while tho, dont you? :wink:

divekick keeps the opponent in hit or block stun for less time than the flip kick. As for the hitbox - thats a very good question. My gut feeling would be that they are exactly the same, but I might be wrong…


Hmm, I never noticed the difference.

(it’s 'cause I’ve always assumed that since we use the dive kick at the peak of Akuma’s jump all the time, you won’t get as much frame advantage. As opposed to the demon flip kick where we always try to hit it deep, thus, the opponent would be in longer hit/block stun. That’s why I always thought they have the exact same frames/properties.)

I dunno, is there any accurate frame data for the 2 moves?

Accurate frame data but since this is an airborne move it doesn’t do you much good since frame advantage/disadvantage depends on how meaty it hits

As for differences dive kick is an overhead while demon flip kick isn’t

For you RD whores: If you play someone who anticipates flip-kicks (not to be used with dives) you can RD after the opponents parry. Funny stuff.

Its the other way round isn’t it??

Normal divekick’s ‘ground recovery’ can be CANCELLED into a demon.

Flip-kick recovery cannot be skanked with a demon. If they parry and punish properly there is no way out.