Attention All Arcade Stick Buyers, Do Not Buy From This Site

I went to their site to see how much an arcade stick costs with shipping, they not only fail to display a summary page with a confirmation button but they also process ur order without u realizng it till it’s too late. then they wanna charge a 5% Restocking Fee if they already shipped it, even if u try to cancel before it ships. I’m currently with a open ticket to try to get the order cancelled before it gets shipped, but regardless don’t buy from them, they wanna suck you out of money when u accidenty place an order. Heres their price and cancelation policy which BTW is clearly shown only when u get a confirmation email.

damn charges 5% as well avoid them too!!!

I went ahead and added it to the top of my first post. If you guys have more, please post so i can add them to the top…

looks like nice site too, them bastards :nunchuck::annoy::grrr:

stay away from

if you get something and try to return it, not only do they charge a restocking fee, you just wont hear from them again, ive called and left a message send plenty of emails, nothing.

Ur saying u shipped it back to them and they kept all ur money?

Interesting infos. It would be very useful to start a thread - a faq? - containing a list of bad online purchase experiences, especially about joysticks shopping.

I think theres a sticky in the trading section called the hall of shame that does that already, however i do think there should be one here aswell since people looking to get a stick come here alot too.