ATTENTION all fairfield, suisun, vacaville, davis, dixon, sac, and surrouding areas

Me and my manager got a deal with pepperbellys for every monday is game night starting at 6pm. They have all kinds of games all on 360 including street fighter. The place is 21 and over so they serve alcohol and food as well.

Today was opening day and it was pretty cool, mainly played MW2 and guitar hero and rock band. I played SF4 with some people. There is no cover charge to get in so that is a plus. Im trying to get this place poppin with alot of people playing alot of different games.

Im a SF4 guy so ill be focused on that but I play the other games as well. Place is cool the owner is a good guy and its a nice spot to kick it and chill with friends and drink. As far as tournaments go we had one MW2 tournament, no cash prizes yet but if more and more people come it will begin. The winners this time won free comedy tickets.

Im posting this message to get the word out there and hopefully get this place going, so remember every monday at 6pm until whenever.

Oh yea and in case you dont know pepperbellys is a comedy club/bar/regular club located in fairfield ca.

Anyone interested? let me know

That sounds fucking tight. I’ll definitely try to get out there sometime, just gotta get me a ride up. Post this link in every thread for every area code you just mentioned in your title and you’ll get some traffic. It’s good to have a late night spot to go and kick it without havin to drop bills if it’s not necessary. You found yourself a great venue. :tup:

I’m certainly in the area, but all I play competitively is ST and HDR.


and fudd sorry dont know terms what is ST and HDR? lol

where is this pepperbellys? i live not too far from the surrounding are.

ST=super turbo

HDR=HD remix

So recap of last night, first thing first those who did not come missed a great night with a bunch of good people having a good time. Mark B. won the SF4 tournament ( not to sure if he is on the forums ). Me and mark had a great match came down to the last match and I screwed up but he is a great player.

A whole lot of people showed up and the more that come will make the tourneys get bigger and worth a bigger prize. We had a COD MW2 tourney free for all and 2 v 2. Me and my friend won the 2 v 2 setup. We had a whole bunch of games, SF4, COD MW2, Rockband, Tekken 6, DJ hero, anything else you guys would like to bring would be great.

Hope to see you all again next week and those who did not show up trust me you missed a good time, happy hour drink prices all night with great food, see you guys next week.