Attention all female umvc3 players: where u at!?

I hear 'bout this dude, and that dude, but I wanna know how many female marvel players are out there? Who’s your team and why…HOLLA.

I believe this is what you need

Gurl Gamers Unite! I play Felicia/Jill/She-hulk.

The thirst is strong

Now holla louder, I can’t hear shit in Antarctica.

There should be a thread for guys.

I hear 'bout this gamer girl and that gamer girl, so us gamer guys should give a HOLLA in our own thread.

They won’t come to desperate plea threads like this.

This might surprise you to hear, but girls don’t like the extreme attention they get just because they play video games. Any you hear doing so are either a dumb minority which you shouldn’t be paying attention to, or actually men.

Just please, go join a club or something if you want to find girls.

Thirst is when you actually find a girl. This is pure desperation. Xfactor level 3, 10 seconds on the clock.

SHOTS FIRED (I’m a dude, so leave my avatar out of this.)

There are (AFAIK) plenty of female players, though I can’t name any competitive ones because I’m a noob lurker. Although this thing has a point; I wonder if a callout thread is a good way to answer this question. <_<

Again…this game is too hectic for a woman to handle. Just find a nice one at the grocery store or bar that will make you sammiches while you’re practicing combos.

Simps, simping over marvel on the Internet. Doesn’t get any sadder than that.