Attention all makoto players going to evo!

makoto players @ evo lets all get some lunch and talk shit about ken/chun and yun what do you say? if your down set it up someone who knows vegas c.c;

rude! no one wants to get together?

They do, just not with you :looney:

(only joking)

sorry i’m a little anti-social :x

just got home, i spent most of my “casual play” time with INO good god that guy is smart ken i knows what i’m talking about this guy has top secret tactics!

Something has me interested, and people on the 3s results for Evo were asking the same thing. Haha, read Preppy’s signature on the results page, he’s wondering this too.

Who is Mike Wakefield, the Makoto player that took 4th? It isn’t MikeZ, Ken I, Arieth, Ramza, or anyone Japanese player I’m guessing.

Is it someone that posts on SRK here?

Oh wait, its you Mackinzie, isnt it? You just didnt want to brag.

But seriously, it would be interesting to know.

Whoever you are, very nice playing.

After looking into all I found out is that I believe he lives in NorCal.

yeah wakefield omg i hate that guy i’ve never seen such a scrubby makoto do so well randomly no if i made to 8 i’d tell someone, did i get to play you deadpool c.c; there were like 8 makoto’s in my pool =( and for some reason i fought kinglowtier twice i felt bad because he was my first and 3rd opponent on the brakket

rofl that’s kind of fucked up :smiley:

i do have to say though… i’m jealous… asianhitler usually blocks all of **my **random supers =\

Interesting stuff, I saw some other not-so-good feedback about him elsewhere. I guess since it was single matches anything could have went down.

I didnt get to make it out to Evo unfortunetely. Oh wow, 1st and 3rd opponent as the same person, that isnt even supposed to happen I thought…well I guess I dont know much about the pools so I wouldnt know.

Looks and sounds like there was a lot of makoto play overall, I like it.

yeah there were a few makoto players but aside from arlieth they were all in my pool lol

dont hate, congratulate!

bbq or mildew?

cooperate or perpetrate!

yeah, no hate sorry :x :x
one thing… mike’s defense was hella solid. it was very rare that he’d fall for some basic mixup.
i am still going to make fun of hitler every day for being hit by jump in sa2. twice. =\

sorry about staring over and not saying hi, haunts. was kind of zoned out/nervous about pools/extremely-hung-over

…what the hell does bbq or mildew mean…

iirc hitler was only hit with one jump-in super

The second one looked like an attempt to get out of the corner which he uoh in to(happens on bigger characters)

his necro wasn’t aggresive enough imo he played pretty smart but missed alot of chances for a super he could have easily ended the reign of scrubterror that was makoto mike.

yeah relax on the criticism; i watched the guy beat some really good players (even without randomizing the shit out of them). i poked fun at his high-risk behavior, but i’m only some scrub that couldn’t even make it out of his pool so what do i know D:

you can say the necro wasn’t aggressive enough, but necro has a very very hard time getting in on makoto.

jeez people are chastising this guy for being so random, in the friggin MAKOTO THREAD…

forget the haters… good shit makoto mike.

but he doesn’t even know combos =( i haven’t seen random sa2 dash empty jump in so long~!

If you guys had any idea at all who he was you wouldn’t be saying shit. I don’t know if you guys are being sarcastic or what but I’ve seen this dude practice hella hard over the past year when I first met him to get to this point.

Look, I got peaced out in my pool pretty early too and didnt play my best, but you dont see me on here talking shit about other peoples games. If you’re really so disgusted how he won, you have a whole nother year to step your game up and just try to do what he did.

i think it’s just like when you practice extremely hard and then some random guy comes up and never plays the game and does wake up super and wake up DP’s all day and you loose to that shit, that’s what playing this guy feels like i suppose he can make random into an art but seriously alex valle almost lost to this shit and aznhitler should have won that match even though he must have not been playing his best unless that’s his necro style either way topic ended congrats to fellow makoto player making top 8 just next year we should try a little harder and definatly needs to make 3s back to 2/3 and have GOOD bracket orginization i fought the same first match that i did in my first in the losers and i lost my second match. though i can’t complain too much i beat him twice =/

dont do that “topic ended” nonsense when you continue to comment on the subject
for real u need to read haunts post which is right above you.
do you know this guy at all? or how much practice he put in?
do you even consider how much random HE had to put up with to make it to top 8? they didnt just throw his ass in there for free he had the pressure of single match like everyone else.
did they fuck up? yea they did its not hard to see, but they fucked up on EVERYONE.

PS: the last thing i want to do is discuss this because i wasnt event there, so i theres no way i can assure any credibility or validity in the things im saying but to bring the guy down in this manner just doesnt sit well with me.