Attention all North Carolina Fighting Gamers


Hi everyone I know I’m fresh on these forums but I have an interesting dream and goal for North Carolina. I used to work at a Play N Trade in North Carolina in Raleigh and it just closed recently. Just before it closed we had a Street Fighter 4 tournament and I met a lot of amazing players, I got to participate because I wasn’t employed there as of yet. While there I talked to many and found there wasn’t a solid league out here for Fighting games and it got me thinking. I was playing Street Fighter since I was 4 years old so around 1994, I love all fighting games and I decided since this is a very strong passion for me. So i ask, if anyone lives in the north Carolina area who would like to help me create a league in NC please contact me. If you don’t want to help and just join that’s fine just the same. This is going to happen if I can just get others to help and support then this can occur quicker then I predict. I know it’s hard work and all that jazz but I’m willing to take on all the bulk work for this to be a success so how about it people?

Street Fighters of NC?


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Check out the current North Carolina thread, which is found in the Atlantic South regional subforum.