Attention all online players:


If you play ranked matches tonight your BP and win percent might be reset. It happened to me and a few of my friends. So just a reminder, STAY OFF OF RANKED!


Good looking out man. Have you posted this over at Capcom Unity or Gamefags?


nope. I should probably post this over at unity though.


Word. But yeah dude, very good look.


It happened to me too, so I just went into Free matching but I seem to keep losing connection at the after-match screen. :confused:


so that’s what that was…


looks at calendar


fack, i guess i wasn’t the only one, too bad i didn’t see this before all my hard earnings disappeard :frowning:


my guess is April fools…but who knows. It would be a mean joke.


haha, yea like mean jokes AREN’T practical on Apirl fools day… :frowning:



This was happening to me for a bit last night. I was playing a pretty solid PTX player and we were going back and forth, but whenever we got to the results screen it took the game almost a full two minutes to register our point differences. The second weird part is that he had about 12000 points, and I have around 2000, but when I beat him I got a measly 4 points.

Something’s wrong on Capcom’s rank points calculation server end. Probably got caught in some sort of infinite error and broke.


Everything seems ok now. At least from my experience.


By “ok” do you mean we got our points back? I’m not able to check right now. :frowning:


Not so sure about that. I started up some ranked battles just about an hour or so ago and I lost my rank.

Which isn’t really that big of deal anyways, I mean they’re TvC online points.


Hopefully capcom is going to host TvC on a proprietary server and we lag less after!


…not the bp…


“Oh NOOOOO!!! I spent months mastering the art of Hadangeki spamming so I could get a high BP score and make people think I am pro. All of my efforts gone!!!” - Spammy McScrubber


Wish I would have seen this before I hopped on to play a match or two tonight. Oh well. Cass/Roll will just have to smash the scrubs all over again.


Wish I looked at the forums first. I lost my 5000+BP and 560 win record, spent a log time earning that… Is there anyone we can contact about it or are we just stuck sitting here and hopeing somebody fixes this?


You could probably go to the capcom-unity forums and ask about it there, but it’s probably a lost cause.