Requesting the almighty powers of the ORANGE MEGASLIDE

uhh basically i want something with swords or assassin like

very dark but in a cool assassin style way.

if you can another princess blade AV


possibly a Zatoichi Av will do fine.

if you got another way of approaching my AV

show me show you kikkoman kikkoman…

Who made you the av you have on now.Was it mr.Pilon?

yep whoever makes my AV i put their name in my SIG

…hmmm ok…

Ok Mr.Blank, I’ll get at it tonite perhaps.

…wtf Tonbarry? Why are you rockin my avatar? Don’t be a menace.

Yeah, I noticed that… :confused:

Ohhh getting angry now are we,relax there prune…no-ones afraid of you.


I think it’s pretty neat how you can somehow think you know my emotions thru the computer.

Red-handed now betch:

Dude, what’s up? You seem a bit more testy than usual…and you know jacking avs isn’t cool. What’s going on with you?


Alphadragoon-It’s nothing man…don’t worry about it.

Ha Ha Ha.

You was all big game in your previous post. Someone needs to RELAX up on t3h int3rn3t!13212

hahahah :lol: :lol:

0_o… tons’ is rocking your avatar… huh… im lost…

He was.

When I saw this thread I saw him with my av on in a swapped color. I printscreen on it. Then he changed it back, and I posted up the printscreen in that attachment.

Mr.Peanuts tried to be SLICK

:lol: :lol: hillarious

…and he changed the colors to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: blarg! stupid orange interrupted me. ><

Whoa… haha i didnt even read the s/n till now and noticed it was different… HahA…:lol:

i dunno… did you take his peanuts…if you did he’ll steal a avatar from you plus one pair of shoes laces… i dunno… you just dont take them…

hummm… lets see if i can get away with stuff like that…errrr… i probably cant…

Seems like he was upset or some shit, cause he made a thread in General Discussion about 50 Cent being shot dead. Saying that it wasn’t an April Fools joke thread, then when he got raped by the people of GD, caught in a lie, then he all of a sudden says it was an April Fools joke. He kept calling everyone “pilons” too.

Then he deleted that thread, and I mocked him by making a parody thread:

hahaha :lol:

EDIT: I then started making a mockery of all the crazy srk posters.

You’re just wasting you’re time Mr.Ass,because really i don’t care what you say or do anymore,why do you think that i did’nt post up on you’re ridiculous "come on come all-buy a april fools joke"thred,seriously smartin up already,you’re the one who looks like a total child,and pretty brave for a guy who’s on the “pc”.

Unlike you, I could care less about if people on the internet think I’m looking like a “total child” or whatever. Because I’m not, and that’s not the case. Obviously, you cant take jokes, I made it plain to see taht I’m joking around and you’re just too uppity.

And I’m “pretty brave for a guy who’s on the pc”??

Ask me if I care. I’m a smart-aleck on and offline. I dont need to prove to you ANYTHING whatsoever. Especially since I’m only making jokes and never make threats of any kind. As far as I’m concerned, you can just go ahead and think I’m a buck 10 dude with a pink shirt on, typing in a blaze of fury.

I don’t care[/aristicratic old lady accent]

See that’s what i like about you is that you don’t care,good because niether do i,so let’s both stop this nonsence right now and call it even.It’s making me sick already man seriously,i don’t like arguments or fights man,so we cool?

And no i’m not kissing up,i’m being real with you.And i opaligize for wearing you’re av.Alright?

Well that makes me happy, no more about it.