Attention all sd players! Lets get sf4 whos in?

Alright guys the purpose of this thread is to bring sf4 to sd. Fuck sitting around waiting for this to come out on console and while im at it fuck playing on console. Now i know we dont have any decent arcades here that are probably willing to take a risk on buying this game but thats only because none of us are nagging these places enough. we all need to get organized as a community, come together, and make this shit happen because i dont know about you guys but im getting kinda tired of sd getting their asses handed to them at tournaments with the exception of gene wong and a lot of tekken players. now i say we all come to an agreement on which arcade would stand the best chance of actually making this happen and after that we put all of out efforts into it and bring this game to sd!!! super got the game and the players there are leveling up daily and we’re already getting left behind but its not to late to catch up. 08/09 is the come back year for fighters lets all support the scene!!!

i agree. San diego needs to come together for this one and at least put effort into getting a sf4 cab somewhere. Tilt, boomers NICKEL, MUDD?!!?! whats the harm in trying?

Having SFIV in SD would definitely help the community level up. Hopefully an arcade here somewhere would be willing to make the investment in getting a cabinet or two.

As for an arcade to choose, I’d say somewhere in the middle of SD (like 858 area) so it’s easier for everyone all over the county. If it’s somewhere in the county a bit north like at boomers vista it might even bring in some players from out of county.

agreed. personally my vote is for boomers because i have a lot of faith in the place, but i know others may not feel the same, so im totally down to put my time and energy into the place best suited

I think any arcade is good. It will be the only SF4 cab in San Diego so whoever gets it will get the entire Street Fighter audience. I mean, I hear FFA in LA will be getting SF4 and I know I’m going to drive 2 hours just to play this game. If it were in SD I’d probably be there every day.

if mudd club gets sf4 i bet it’s going to be 15 dollars per game.

sounds good man…

tilt in mission valley has my vote as the only hope (maybe boomers, ive never been there though). mission actually has a large arcade with plenty of games that cost a good amount of money to have there. people always in there spending money. they generate business. sfiv would work there its in in the middle of sd (imo). mudd probbly wont do it. plus like wolf said it would be like way too expensive. fuck maybe Dave and busters …maybe. SDSU/UCSD… funding from the state for the game rooms ?? how much is the board again? longshoot i think. nickel…nope RIP. I hope and pray to Jah / God that some arcade / sick ass spot thats open past midnight on the weekends will get the game. SFIV in SD…POR FAVOR.

Waddup guys long time no talk, but personally I think Mudd is probably the best bet, not just because the location is so close to me, but because their into new technology. Mudd is all about flash on the inside from the games to comps, to vending machines and shit, I think it would be the easiest to persuade them, but the only downside is that no one goes there anymore. Just my piece. Power to SD coming together though. :3p::3p:

Whichever arcade we decide to talk to about it, we should show the owners or whoever’s responsible the article on that Southern Hills Golfland thread…maybe it’ll inspire them lol.


yeah, i said it.

super charges 75c per play. id totally pay1-1.50 to play on REAL SFIV cabs @mudd

honestly, super has probably made several grand on that game alone just because they had it ASAP. if i owned mudd club, now is the time to really invest in fighting games to become THE spot in SD

Mission is probably the best in terms of being a location in the middle of our players. But they don’t fucking maintain their equipment.

can I get a ban and a lock?

worthless threads need to be dealt with.

everyone knows that sd doesn’t have anything worth calling an sf community.

uh duh.

No need to drive to FFA, drive to Super now.

Anyways, the chances of us getting SF4 are slim. The setups cost roughly $13,000. Super is decent enough to have each game 3 tokens (75 cents or 60 cents if you buy tokens $20 at a time). Most places have the game at $1. I honestly can’t see the SD SF scene supporting SF4 enough in the few months until console comes out.

For now, we just need to make the trip up to Super and get ready for the early ranbats there. It’s kind of like how we had to go to SHGL for Marvel/CvS1/CvS2 early on. Super’s only an extra 10-15 miles than SHGL used to be (exactly 100 miles from my place).

kaikillah: The reason SD doesn’t have a true SF scene (at the moment) is because there haven’t been any new games. San Diego has traditionally had really strong scenes in the past. Probably 75% of stuff that people are doing in Marvel now was invented by SD people and was first tried out at weekly Nickel City tournaments that always had nice turnouts. When 3s was new, we had a pretty good scene going for that game and we were winning a lot of the early SHGL tournaments. Same with CvS1. Same with CvS2. But all that stuff was 5+ years ago. Lots of people don’t really try as much because the games are old. Now that we have new games in SF4 and ST:HD coming out soon and TvC coming out after that, things’ll pick up and be like they used to. You’ll see.

–Jay Snyder

I’m going to super this weekend…

hey everyone

how is everyone’s schedules? i have saturday and sunday off, for sure, every week.

i think we should all carpool up to super as often as we can…

and i KNOW we got enough people to fill at least 2 cars

so, what days do you guys have off?

Also for anyone who cares, if you go to the Blazblue thread in the “fighting game discussion” Sub-Forum, you can ask the Arksystem rep to call whatever arcade you wish to get it, and he’ll try to sell it to them. Its gonna be a dope game, so just give him a list of arcades you want to get it!

lol…shit it’s actually a good spot, cuz the employees there actuallly fix the sticks/buttons when it doesnt work… and they have all the fighters, mvc2, cvs2, 3rd strike (pending fix).

mission valley, nickel, boomers, shit never gets fixed

what arcade can we get to fork over enough money for sf4 is the question?

blazblue might actually show up somewhere in sd just because it’s cheaper.