Attention all xbox live subscribers

As of last weekend (ending this weekend), Toys ‘R’ Us has temporary slashed their prices on Microsoft points cards and their gold membership cards…

1600 POINTS for $20.00 are $10.00
4000 POINTS for $50.00 are $40.00
3MNTH GOLD for $20.00 are $10.00
12MNTH GLD for $50.00 is unfortunately still $50.00

Do the math…
Four 3 month gold cards @$10.00 each = $40.00 for 12 months VS.
one 12 month gold card @$50.00. You save $10 for those who can’t figure it out!

Three 1600 points cards @10.00 each = $30.00 for 4800 points VS.
one 4000 points card @50.00. You save $20 with an additional 800 points left.

Maybe Micro$haft did this to tie in with their new XBOX 360 price drops.

I’m guessing this must be a regional deal or something? I haven’t heard anything about this on CAG or anywhere else. I’m doubting anything like this could have slipped under the radar.
Nevertheless, there’s a Toys R’ Us on my way home from work, so it couldn’t hurt for me to stop by tomorrow.

Regional or not, I’m going to have some points to last me for a while :smile:
I go to the one located in Bayshore, NY. For me it’s worth while to get the $20 cards for $10, instead of the $50 cards for $40. They didn’t advertise it on their online circular either. The funny thing was the dude at the register who rang me up didn’t know about it either. Then, he said he was gonna grab some…