Attention Central Valley Gamers-Plug: Website based in Central Valley


Hello Fellow Gamers!

You probably saw my other post about the tournament and fighting game scene in the Central Valley. But I would like to take this time to promote our website.

Please visit our website at Also, please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Through all of these sites, I can get a better idea of the traffic we are attracting and it gives me a better picture of the scene and those who are interested in what we are trying to establish in this area. Also, you can read our cool articles that will entertain and put smiles on your faces LOL

I figure the more traffic we build, the more legitimate we become. That way we can establish ourselves as sort of “ambassadors” of Central Valley Gamers. This could lead to other communities taking notice of gamers who have gone unnoticed in the past. In short, I would like BNBGR and Central Valley Gamers to be associated with one another. This can happen with your help.

Again, this is just a plug for our website and comments are welcome. But most important, visit our site, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

Thank you!!!

P.S. Feel free to let me know how I can improve the site. My goal is to keep readers coming back.