Attention OC SFIV players **LOOKING FOR VENUE**

Hey SFIV players, me and some friends were planning on getting 2 arcade cabinets, sanwa parts everything, linked together. Was wondering if anybody would actually come down to play frequently.

Here is the information:

  • 29" inch monitors if Astro City ,
  • Sanwa parts
  • 25c a play
  • Tournaments hosted weekly
  • Location still pending, OC area. (attempting to get it in Westminster)
  • Win Caps 25
  • Any problems with the game or buttons/stick we will attempt to fix asap
  • First person to start playing will get the first play free. (as in if no1 is playing you can come sit down and just play without having to pay until someone comes to challenge you)
  • Can also get some recording setups going on, on special occasions.

Now some stuff i am worried about:

  • Competing with all those LA SFIV setups (arcade infinity, video 94, etc.)
  • Amount of people actually coming to play

Please let me know what you guys think, because if i don’t get enough people actually coming down , then there would be no point in trying to get a setup in. This would take a lot of my time and effort to get everything to work out. I am pretty dead serious on getting these setups, so let me know guys. And post any feedback, ideas or doubts you guys have about this. Please spread the word around as much as you guys can. If the sf4 setups began to get popular, may add some vewlix cabs with Blazblue , or KoF but will focus on sf4 right now

We are currently looking for a venue or even a buyer to buy these equipment that is located in the OC. Let me know if you know any good venue spots that are open to this. Thanks

  • Jason

I’m down to come play, especially for only 25c a play.

Where you going to get the cabinets though?

Found a friend who knew someone that could get some for me. I need a lot of people willing to come to actually get this started, so please give some feedback, and if you don’t think this is a good idea let me know as well. thanks


i would probably come sometimes depending on location :slight_smile:

Nice! Somewhere close to where I live!!

Depends on the actual location, but I’d definitely be interested.

Hell yes, it’s about time. I’m near UCI

Its all about location buddy.
Having more than one setup will really help too.
Im down if its close where I live ( North OC area ).

well, im trying to get the setups in the 714 area. Hopefully garden grove, fountain valley, huntington beach, etc. Would you guys let me know whether you would rather have 1 setup (1 player each cab, 2 cabs linked together). or 2 setups, (2 players on each cab with sf4). in the end it will be a total of 2 cabs. thanks

  • Jason

Don’t think you can do 2 players on 1 cab with SFIV, it has to be one board per player.

get some vewlix :D. sure ill be over there to play everyday!

I think this is a good idea…
I usually go to arcades to play others I go to the the one in Harbor the next to Mcdonalds But they need new arcades…

I hope you guys come up with a good location…

good luck

I live in Huntington harbour and hate commuting to AI, if you got some cabs i would definitely come. (also i work near south coast plaza so santa ana would be great too).

I think it would get pretty popular pretty quick. The SF4 community is pretty big right now~

I’d definately come if it’s around the 714 area. And 2 setups would be sweet! 30+mins waiting in line after each lost kinda sucks. I get warmed up and then cooled down by the time I’m up again.

This thread requires more attention

I’d be willing to come by often, and know a few others that would too.

The two cabinets decision is tough… its nice having your own board, and easier for everyone to gather around to watch the one fight on both screens… but on the other hand, having two setups means more matches going on.

But… if you have to sit super close to someone while playing them on the same board, the comfort/space issue comes into play. =/

My vote is for the two cabinets to be linked.

Linked Cabs for the win.

A solid SF4 arcade in my city? Damn, it’s like a kid getting Disneyland in his backyard for Christmas.

This is good.
Westminster is super, because I’m Westminster.

$0.25 very cool price.
I come play.

This is a great idea I’d definitely change all my monies into quarters for this. OC needs this, let people come down here to play for a change.

On a side note, I heard the OP, this Jason guy, is a beast. Supposedly he possesses the yomi of Daigo and the execution prowess of Edma. Also I heard that after you play this guy your anus will hurt(no homo).

Bumpin. Keeping this dream for OC awesomeness alive!