Attention PC players! As of today, non-Steam AE keys can be activated/redeemed on Steam


as of today, non-Steam AE keys can be activated/redeemed on Steam

kudos Capcom!

What's going to (and what should) happen with SSFIV:AE PC version when GFWL dies in June?

I really can’t even believe Capcom didn’t leave us PC players out in the dark. Incredulous face.


In theory, could someone use a GFWL key that they got from buying the Steam version ages ago and activate it on another Steam account?


I somehow doubt that will work.

Try it and find out.


Thanks for the heads up, just activated my copy. Screw GFWL.


If anyone is wondering about the Evo 2011 gift key from capcom. I had a chat with GFWL support, and they are saying Steam will be the ones responsible for getting it transferred correctly. Everyone I know that has tried to migrate their Evo 2011 activation code to Steam has not had any success. Hopefully it will be resolved soon or before full GFWL shutdown/Ultra release.


the game is 5$ on GMG with -20% coupon. are we that cheap? you got the game for free once…


May 30th is the day when transition from GFWL to Steamworks will begin. However, both paid and free DLC will not be transferred over in this process.


That sounds like a tremendous load of bullshit.


so is there a key for the digital versions of AE? i can’t find it anywhere.