ATTENTION: People with SEs getting owned by JLF Shortage

I’ve got a simple solution for you, it won’t be as great as a JLF, but it’ll do until you can get your hands on the real thing.

Akishop sells JLF PCBs. Part of my problem with the SE JLF is how shitty the switches feel. Buy the PCB for the JLF off of there, pull off your gate and swap them. Put a Seimetsu LS-33 spring in with the knockoff JLF spring.

It’ll be more responsive than the real thing. It’s still not Sanwa, but it’s as close as you’ll get for a while.

Plus, it’s cost effective.


Heh, he needs to reopen before anyone can buy anything (myself included). The user is selling these over in the Trading Outlook. I’m not sure if he still has any stock after all this has gone down.

Well yeah, TRNG needs to reopen first, but it’s just an idea, especially since the price on those is going to go up a good deal.

The SE stick is JLF?

No, but IIRC, it is modeled closely after one.

Actually I think the biggest problem is the defect in the sticks where the metal washer starts sliding around and ripping up the PCB. Even if you purchased the JFL PCB, you could run the risk of tearing that up if you don’t fix the first problem, which is the metal washer floating around.

Is there a noticable difference between the standard SE fightstick joystick and a Sanwa or Semeitsu?

The SE feels like shit to me, I seem to lose or mess up commands and I suspect sometimes it’s the stick rather than my own error (although I’m sure it’s my fault too sometimes).

There’s a huge difference. Sanwa & Seimitsu >>> SE Stock.

Personally, I’m a JLF guy (but the LS-32 is nice, too).

I’m stuck with the crappy pcb in my SE until my TE comes from LL, sad thing is I have an LS32 and all the parts for my TE sitting and waiting to be installed but I don’t want to put new parts in the SE just to take them out again.

Has there been a dual pcb mod tutorial posted for the XBOX SE

I swapped mine out with a JLF and yes you can notice the difference. The stock stick feels loose. Swapping the stick and buttons does make a difference in the overall feel of the SE.

I kept the old stick and used TRNG’s ultimate JLF mod on both sticks.


Its in this thread somewhere