Attention Rochester/Upstate NY


hello Rochester!

I’m currently in the process of getting a pro fighting game league together for weekly/bi-weekly tournaments.

Tomorrow I have a meet with the owner of Cyberstorm (the new place right next to Millennium in Henrietta) To iron out some details for a tournament.

For starters, I would like to know what the Rochester fighting game community would like to play. Initially I wanted to start a Blaze Blue tournament, but i want to go with whatever is most popular among the majority.

I also was attempting to have multiple tournaments running along side one another for different games like SF4, Super Smash Bros, Blaze Blue, even something like Mortal Kombat 2.

The plan would be to hold the tournament on Sundays (any time will do) for $5 entry fee with cash prizes.

Please post on this thread if you have interest in this idea. If there is a good enough response, than I will post more detailed information in this thread (like times what games and more specifics).

So what games to we want to see Rochester?


Hi Atomsk, are you one of the guys who were at the SF4 meetups at Arena?

Tournaments are Cyberstorm would be amazing. I really can’t think of a better venue for a regular tourney. Love that place and would like to see it do well if we get the word out.

Some of us ARE focusing on BB now but were having a sizable SF4 community going so I think both games would deserve a spot. The Smash community seems pretty large but I don’t know enough about that to be sure.

Hope to see this take shape with the influx of new students in the fall!


Buffalo would come up to play vs Rochester if there was a reasonable turnout and venue. Make it happen!

cha cha


Grifter, no sry i never did any tournaments @ arena, i’m REALLY new to the local scene here.

I had a meeting with the owner of Cyberstorm and this thing is picking up speed!

So far…

Blaze Blue bi-weekly tournament is a go.

The first tournament will be on Aug 30th. We will be using the PS3 version of the game, and please bring your own controller, we are short on supply. Joystick controllers are allowed as well.

I just sent out an email to the owner with all the setup information, when he reply’s, I’ll post all the info here immediately.


If there is a large enough demand for it, i would gladly host an SF4 tournament parallel to the BB tournament. So if you want one, make sure to get your buddies to post here.

on a final note, if anyone has any questions or would like to give their input on these tournaments, feel free to send me an e-mail @

My PSN tag is Atomsk777
i dont own an XBOX sry


You might wanna delay that by one weekend. Cause most people come back to the area for school on the week right after the 30th of august.


any chance you guys can generate any Soulcalibur or Tekken interest up there? It would enable us to bring more players. Buffalo is generally interested in anything SF4 or BB though.

So just let us know when.

cha cha


Just wanted to pop in and say I’m also new to the 'Upstate NY" fighting scene. Moving from Binghamton to Buffalo in a week and REALLY looking for some people to help me improve my game/spar with , specifically BB, KOF XII and SF4. Would love to just check out a tournament, even in Rochester. I didn’t want to make this a wanted ad but anyone in the Buffalo area with information about the fighting scene I would appreciate some PMs.

Hope to hear from some people!


i sent you a pm sir


Just got a hold of the Cyberstorm store owner…and we have more waiting to do…

he just got my email… so hang tight everybody!


ok so…im STILL having trouble ironing out these details >.< you’d think this wouldnt be that hard.

Anyway! The Tournament will be re-scheduled to Sunday September 13th


hey i heard there’s a tournament tomorrow (saturday 12th) @ cyberstorm. Can anyone confirm this? it doesnt show on their site -_-.


oh and, i wanna play sf4. i think that should def be a staple game for all fighting tourneys in this day and age ^_^.


Yeah, I will be down for some SF4. I wish I could say the same about other fighting games, but SF4 is all I have at the moment.

GGS at RIT a few week ago. That Akuma was nasty…


Attention Rochester

I’ve been looking for a good spot to play some SFIV… This sounds good to me!