Attention Sfmc


Yo clean your inbox son, ya i’ll do it. and for all you others readin this vaigness. lol. Thought this would be the fastest way to get bakc at ya.


Ok I just cleaned it out lol. Got the message in my email so i figured it was full.


Damn maxx what happen? Why you let my ken beast on you like that? You’re pretty alright, I don’t know why you only have 18 wins.


sfmc, what boastful words you speak. you have the ego of a lion, I will rise to challenge you in 10 days.
JK yo. I’m about to get xbox with live and cvs2 though. So we will play, until then. Toodles.

random question, when you summit art to udon, do you need the capcom logo and the street fighter logo on there? how much longer do I have until issue 8 is out? lol


8 hits stores next week so you don’t have much time. I was just messing with maxx. he knows it.

Anyways yeah when you get xbox hit me up, I’m sure you are better than me since I don’t play arcade. you can teach me a groove while your at it cause that is the only groove I cannot play.


oh NO. I guess you lied when you say I got 2 months. damn.


Ohh talkin smack. Ok ok i gotcha now it’s on…i just got back on the x-box live and when ur playing ya gotta be on the top of yo game. Next time we play your ken aiign’t beastin shit boyyy. I love fighting games…their made for trash talk.

Yo wheres ur damn site. I wanna steal ur art err learn from it lol.


Hehe. Yeah site will be up by this week or next. Let’s game tonight man I’m up.


wrd wrd…i’m game.


SFMC - just make sure to get KOF 2002/2003 for Xbox Live…School u son. :smiley:


when do you guys usually get on to play cvs2? I’ll be getting live in a few minutes. gamer tag:bakufu

yo sorry peter, i was playing gl0ry. but let me know when you wanna play. Do you keep your xbox on all the time? just make a game and i’ll join it.