Attention Southwest - Arcade UFO Needs Your Help!


Alright guys we have a few Days left before there is a winner I recently Wrote in back of the window of my Jeep … And in the bottom donate to U.F.O points
Anything Helps!!!:lovin:


Yeah! Donate whatever you can guys, but we’re gonna need everyone’s help!
We can win this, save the arcade!! :smiley:

I know I’m donating right now :wink:


go go go


Yeah im playing briefly right now…
But i will put all my time into it come Sunday!!


Let’s all play, right now! :smiley:


hell yeah! took the lead




Donated 400k to UFO last night and just donated 300k more right now. Going for more after my finger cramp goes away. lolz


This was by NAIL256
This gets me pumped when i read it And makes me want more points!!:wow:

[quote=“NalL256, post:2109, topic:34454”]

I woke up this morning at 9AM central… and we were down 5 fucking million points, we have Marn telling people to play and this still happens??? I say no, this is not how it is supposed to be. SO i got on my UT gear, bought a 24 pack of miller, went down to the “C Lot” and proclaimed TEXAS FIGHT, then having gotten the attention of several of my fraternity bro’s I distributed the 24 beers, then explained the story of Savethearcades… well, then I led them back to the pharmacy building at UT, into the computer lab, and started 24 drunken students zapping, we’re down by less than 2 million now and we’re still gonna play for some time more.


Just threw in a chunk just shy of 100k. I’m a busy man today but I’ll play some more tomorrow. We got a 5 million point lead!!!



Awesome stuff, let’s keep at it!

Not to mention, I got this PM not too long ago:

Subject: LOL

Wow, some chart, huh?

So we don’t know 100% sure what’s going or not, and obviously with no proof we are no in right to assume the wrong on anyone. However, look at the kind of people who are supporting StarBase. Seems like just a bunch of douche bags to me. Nothing but immature trolling on both the ‘Save The Arcade’ topic and in the Austin topic. Not to mention, being Harassed on PMs as well.

Seriously, at this point, I don’t care what fubar does with the 25k (I’m more than sure he will fix up the Arcade to everyone’s liking), but in the end I don’t want people like StarBase winning this contest.
And to be honest, that’s what keeps me going.

So c’mon guys, let’s get back on and save Arcade UFO!
We’re in the lead, but we need more points. We need to guarantee our victory! We shouldn’t shouldn’t loose our lead again like we did last time.
Good luck to all :wink:


Were loosing :sad: its time to :snkb: MAsh!!!:clapdos::grrr:


just donated 218,000 my index feels numb


Lets get it guys, this war is almost over. Keep donating those points!


we did a lan party last night and secured a 7 mil lead, and in the next 10 hours (5am - 3pm) starbase made 19 mil…


Alright, let’s get back our lead!



Arcade UFO needs your support to secure $25,000 that it will use to continue bringing the Southwest the latest games from Japan - by playing Zapataur and donating points to Arcade UFO.

Visit and play Zapataur.

If you’ve been to Arcade UFO, you know it is the only arcade run by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers. No place else has the lineup UFO has: 6 SF4’s, Blazblue, Tekken 6, KOF12, 3s, Daemon Bride, GGXX:AC, Melty Blood:AA, MvC2, 4 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destinys, DJ Max Technika, Initial D, In The Groove 2, etc.

Please help Arcade UFO continue to be the greatest arcade for gamers and run the best SF tournaments. The contest ends Oct 6 at 11 PM. Donate as many points as you can!


We have over 15 people playing at my place, all making over 100k each run, but damn I don’t know what StarBase is doing. They are making HUGE jumps, and I mean making 2 - 5 mil in less than 5 mins each time! They are getting a ridiculous amount of points.

So not only are they ALWAYS getting points at very unusual times (even when everyone is asleep, they are always playing) but they are making HUGE jumps of points.

The hell is going on?

Oh well, we can still win this.
We are still playing and going strong!


i have been contributing. I love arcadeUFO.


How the hell did they jump to a 15 million lead? When I went to bed, they were up 5 million maybe, then they do 10 more between then and 2pm today?