Attention Texas: Vote for the date for the next San Antonio tourney and other news

Alright, so I’m glad I had a pretty decent turnout for my San Antonio tournament. Here’s some stats for people:

of entrants:

Marvel vs Capcom 2: 24
3rd Strike:13
Tekken 5 DR: 10
Guilty Gear Accent Core: 10
Capcom vs SNK 2:9

I’m taking a break from running stuff during July, and I want to throw one last tournament before fall college classes kill me. August is the month and here is the available weekends:

August 2

August 9 is OUT because of Evo, and I will running tournaments at San Japan, an Anime convention here in San Antonio August 8-10. Check this:

Me and Dugg Fin will be running Brawl, 3rd Strike, Guilty Gear, and more. Things are still being planned, and if you want to throw me any suggestions hit me up. Also there will be arcade cabinents on freeplay:

Dance Maniax
Guilty Gear X
Neo Geo multi cab:Metal Slug, Samurai showdown 2 and a puzzle game

August 16

August 23

August 30 (The weekend after classes at UTSA start… this is a great place to hype!)

More importantly, I promise there to be more space. I’m going to make sure this time we use the other half of the store which is more open. To make things go faster I will divide game brackets between two laptops, and number the TV stations.

Games to drop:

Dropping Super Turbo/Hyper Fighting. No one was interested in it.

Games for possible Add:

Soul Calibur IV(and I guess we could have one Xbox and one PS3)
Arcana Heart
King of Fighters XI (unless someone suggests a different version)

So go vote for the date!

And post your ideas for games, etc in the thread.

anything B4 evo. forget about it. people will be saving to go to that tourney. 23rd is my bet. all my classes are online so the 23 or above is better.

this time i will be able to house people for this one. so houston, browns, etc. place is open. just let me know when time comes.

i would say the week of the 30 i turn 21 that week XD

But i guess the 23rd will do…

the 30th sounds pretty good, since you can get a few of the UTSA people who play Guilty Gear and etc.

I voted the 2nd because I thought it was pretty clear with me, but I’ll be in New Mexico, I think, so either 23rd or 30th is good for me.

add arcana heart. american kof is meh(especially since kof XI is so bland) and soul calibur is a fairly hit or miss affair. There is at least an arcana scene until Team CVS2(I merely run with the crew as I hate CVS2) officially drops it in the near future. I’ll be back the week of the twentieth so the 30th is a safer bet for me.

Of course if you wanted to add some class and dignity you could run Vampire Savior. That’s just pipe dream though go with AH.

23rd or the 30th is good for me either way.

im ready to do this.


my alex is coming to get you.

and yes.
i declare a money match.
when i return.

2nd time is the charm.


forgot to mention.

add mortal kombat trilogy to the list.

i’d like that to be added to the list of games if possible.

that shit needs to be brought back.


You both suck
My Alex can take you both

Ill join the MM :rock:

And about the date

I have to recover financially after vegas so I voted 30th

Counting in Luiz’s vote (since he misvoted), I’m pretty sure I’m going to be going with the 30th. I’ll leave this open until the end of the week, after I’m done holding Final Smash 4…

If anyone cares.

Anyone with mad photoshop skills that can make me a flyer gets their wrist band paid for. Of course, you should wait until I have the thread up so all the details are proper.

August 30th sounds good for me and its weekend of Labor Day so that should be cool. Also I will try to bring my PS3 so the tourney can more station in tekken dr(I need to Dl first) and soul calibur IV if u decide to have one.

So is this still happening? I had heard the first week in Sept. as a possible date.

I would not mind hitting up another multi-game tournament in SA.