Attitude Advice

I notice that I get beaten in a lot of situations when I feel intimidated or disencouraged by my opponent or the way I’ve been playing.

For example, I feel pretty terrible when I get perfected by an Ibuki.

Ibuki might not be the best example here, but you understand my point. I get disencouraged easily, even when I didn’t play that badly. That feeling also carries over to the next matches.
I know I’m not that bad, yet I still have this issue. It just feels like my practice was a waste.

I could see part of the reason being that I’m only playing online. I don’t have the chance to ask the other player for advice, or what I could have done better. It’s more difficult to figure out what I need to work on.
Maybe it really is the lack of communication, but I’d like to hear your input.

I want to become a better player, so I really need to address this attitude problem.

It’s not really hard to see what you’re doing wrong.
Don’t overcomplicate things.
Say you get beaten by an Ibuki and you watch the replay and she just knocks you down and gets you with her kunai all the time resulting in you getting knocked down again.
Then you gotta learn how to deal with the kunai in training mode.

And if you blocked like 3 slides or uppercuts and the best you got from that was a throw or an uppercut of your own, you gotta go to training mode and practice you blocking that shit and blowing your hardest punish into that until it becomes clockwerk.
Like as soon as you’re coming out of blockstun and you’re getting in punish range, your mind has to take a backseat and let the self conditioning take over.

Also confidence in your own skill is important in fighting games. You doubt yourself - you’ll react slower and get conditioned by your opponent more easily.
You can smell fear even through the internet.
That’s why it’s important to build your confidence by practicing a lot. Don’t be the guy who thinks he’s hot shit but drops all his combos.
Try to be the guy who thinks he’s hot shit and actually is hot shit. Like prime Alex Valle or Daigo.

I played a few ranked matches where I just couldn’t get my Ultra out as a punish. Later I played a friend and I was just not confident in my execution anymore. I assume this led to me missing like 4 Ultra punishes on him.
It really is a struggle. I assume reactions are a thing that just come with time though. Hard to practice reactions in training mode when you know what’s coming.

I do need to practice more, that’s a sure thing. Dropping easy combos shouldn’t happen.

I really need to stop expecting so much of myself. I’ve only been playing for around 2 months. I can’t expect to have clean play or fundamentals like Fuudo.
I do think I have potential. Just gotta have faith and keep at it, I guess.

The bolded. You pretty much anwered your own question. If you want to be able to compete with the better players it takes time. Put in the effort and then it’s only a matter of time. also it sounds like you need to really work on execution. Strategy isn’t much if you can’t execute said strategy consistently.

You’ll get better with more practice. Sounds like you’re panicking when you have the opportunities which causes you to drop things. Gotta learn to relax, recognize the situation and react appropriately.

Real answer, get yourself a real avatar with a beard, then your balls will drop, then you can go to a real arcade a shit talk dudes to their face.

I would go to arcades if there were any in my area. Arcades are dead here, sadly :frowning:

I don’t panic much, in my opinion. I had been awake for over 30 hours the day before, so I wasn’t fully recovered yet.
Definitely going to hog practice mode the next few days though.

I had been awake for over 30 hours the day before, so I wasn’t fully recovered yet. That’s why I assume I underperformed.
I don’t really understand why I beat myself up about it tbh. Looking back at it, I can see my mistakes and work on it.
When I’m in the moment, I have a hard time doing so. Lack of experience, I assume?
It’s difficult to judge for me.

It’s true that I’ve been slacking on my time spent in practice mode the past 2 weeks. Real life got me good.
Going to hog practice mode the next few days (and beyond) :slight_smile:

Where do you live?

Luckily SFV is coming around the corner with strong online play and a decidated network that allows you to connect with people on a level that probably hasn’t been seen in any other fighter. It allows you to search for players so you can always be connected to that guy who can be your sparring partner or whatever.

The big thing about being better is being connected and having at least one Sensei/MasterSplinter that will build you up and smack you on the back for your mistakes until you polish yourself up. Then keep playing good people and work on tech and spacing.

Listen to Pepe the Frog
Do as Mr. Pepe Says and you will be golden, lel

On a serious note seems like you are new to SF in general
Calm down and work your self in labs and get a Sensei/ Master Gouken/ Master Splinter

Yes, USF4 was the first Street Fighter I really cared about. Started playing in middle of October.
I did own SSF4AE prior, but didn’t play it much. Like 60 hours over 2.5 years, most of that spent in arcade or challenge mode.

I do have 1 training partner, and he his quite a bit better than I am. I feel like I should get another partner that is on a higher level than he is though,
since I don’t want to get too used to playing the same person, and since our matches get closer and closer.
Not sure where to find such a person, maybe I’m lucky again and just stumble upon one during a stream :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Bavaria, Germany.
I looked up locations of other German players in my region on the German forums and they are mostly in Munich. None within easy range, however :confused: visiting locals is out of the question, at least until I get my driver’s license.

They are planning a small event in March, I’ll try to attend that.