Attn: ab umvc3 + ssf4:ae players


Hey guys! Was thinking of hosting a tournement in Calgary, I have a venue available for my use. Before I can consider that in further detail I first have to see what kind of support I can get from the local FGC. By support I more or less mean what kind of turn out I could get. Of course there would be some sort of small entry fee for the tournement as well as prizes to the first second and third placed contestants, nothing crazy but prizes offered still. I got lots to think about if I wanna do it but first let’s see what you guys think!

Calgary Thread 2014

Depends on the location…


when were you thinking of holding it? sometime soon or not yet for a while?


Haha okay I’ll specify it would be a recreation center rented through my apartment complex on elbow drive. A liqour licence would be purchased as there is a bar and food would be available as well. There would also be security as people would have to behave. It doesn’t really have a clear time when it would happen as I said it would depend on if all the effort would be worth me going through, as people would need to be hired and all of the legal precautions would have to be taken.


Food and a bar? I’m SO down.




Depends when I could get at least 8 to 16 players for each game then I can think about setting a date


Would getting a liquor license increase the venue fee? It’s a nice idea, but I don’t know if it’s worth going to that trouble for 20ish people.

You could get 8 to 16 people for each game easily if you get the word out.

Come to Dickens and meet some of the people. You said you intended to some time ago.


We’ll the thing is as long as the venue is well kept I receive the damage deposit back and the venue is free of charge. Liqour licences are not hard to get but I wouldn’t be getting one if there was only 16 ppl lol. I actually stopped by but I think I was early cause no one was playing, didn’t stick around to be honest though I was with my gf and she thought it was pretty shabby lol.



yeah you should probably just come to dickens man. there’s been a struggle in calgary finding a venue where people can gather to play for quite some time.
alot of hard work has been put in getting that venue solidified.

there are quarterly tournaments too, dude. don’t know if you made it in february, but there were easily 20-30 people.

look at it this way. it’s free, they have booze+food and you don’t have to do any work.

kudos on trying to get another tournament going though!


Nah, I wasn’t trying to dissuade you about organizing something. My girlfriend isn’t super fond of Dickens either.

Just get the word out. There’s also a group at the university who organize events on a regular basis. Let them know about your thing.


i should elaborate on that as well – do what you want! but just know there are some hard working peeps out there who already have something set up… and trust me, it’s never easy organizing a tournament lol.


Basically the turnout will depend on what kind of event you’re creating and how well you advertise it. You’re haven’t really been too specific with what information you’re looking for, but if you just want 8-16, I think that is a realistic number so far.

Also, here’s a friendly FYI - there is probably going to be a tournament at dickens on May long weekend.