ATTN: "Abel Players!" Lets bring Abel to SFV by signing the Petition!

“Hello all Abel Players” I just saw this petition website in regards to asking and encouraging “Capcom, Yoshinori Ono”: Bring Abel to Street Fighter V. Last time I checked there were only 9 out of 91 us that signed the petition. I don’t know about all you Abel players, but I would definetly love to have Abel in Street Fighter V due to his interesting, but unique challenging rush down fighting style.(at least in my opinion) and in addition to that I would love to find out about more stories of his past. For all who want Abel in Street Fighter 5; this maybe are chance to convince capcom and Yoshinori Ono. Here’s the link:

Remember! The goal for us to hit is 100 of us to sign the petition; by far we 9 of us.


Shove that petition up someplace where the sun don’t shine.

Wow! your polite.

Tbh low numbers petition is worse than no petition

I think we will see Abel return btw, from SF4 just Juri (confirmed) and C.Viper get priority over him

At least is not hated as Elf, Rufus, Seth and he’s likely favourite over Hakan

T-800 version please


SF4 is under-represented as now, and as said aside the ladies (i forgot Decapre, who is in cinematic SFV trailer) he’s one of the Sf4rs with the highest chances


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