ATTN! All Pad Players

I have a question for you: if you had the chance to create the perfect pad, what would be included and what functions you want it to have?

for example: take the shape of the 360 controller but put in PS3 triggers.

We are working on something for Pad Players, so please feel free to share your insights and thoughts.

Helpful, constructive comments and suggestions only please. Thanks!

If you?re going to make a good pad, start with the standards like the Saturn pad, or the Madcatz Fightpad. The Fightpad is a solid product since it barrows from the fighter friendly Saturn pad, but it has two common problems you could address upon a redesign.

  1. Charge supers (Guile?s,Vega?s) can be difficult to perform on the Fightpad. A thread has already been dedicated to fixing this problem (insert a cardboard cutout behind the d-pad). It?s a common complaint but it?s an easy problem to address.

  2. The fightpad feels cheap. The control layout of the Fightpad?s excellent (d-pad, buttons), but the control feels like it was made out of paper mache. Adding a little heft to the controller would go along ways.

Hope this helps.

This would be a perfect pad for me:
A pad with a stick that has some kind of rubber strap where you can put your left thumb through. So only your left thumb movements control the whole stick.
The stick should have a circular gate. and it can use the normal 6-8 fightpad buttons.
If you can make this count me sold.


this is kinda what i meant by “rubber strap you can put your left thumb through”. though your thumb should be able to go a bit farther and it should be made of rubber instead. it can be slightly elastic or in different sizes so it can fit different thumb sizes.
i dunno whose with me on his, but this would be just perfect for me and easily usable with basically all types of movesets.

My dream pad would pretty much be a mad catz shell (d-pad, face buttons, size, rubber grips), exchange it’s shoulder buttons (they suck) and make it 4.

One of the biggest issues I have as a pad player is pressing buttons which are not adjacent to each other and in a very small time frame, for instance MP-kara throw. To me, who likes to use fingers for situational inputs, but not adapt a claw style-play, more off-located buttons would be the perfect remedy.

A 25pin D-Sub out if we wanted to use the pad with a hacked controller and project box. The pad would have to be common ground. That or just use Toodles MC cthulhu pcb and have a ethernet jack out.

I’d probably say the DualShock 3’s D-Pad with some extra heft and the “feel” of the madcatz fightpad D-Pad, with the gamecube’s analog stick, Genesis button layout, ergonomic shell of the 360 controller, and buttons in the back that resemble those of the Dualshock 2 R1/R2. But I like rtdzign’s thinking. Project pad would be darn sweet.

Not a pad player, but I’ve played on one for a long time until I finally gave in and bought sticks. Basically I want a PS2 controller with 6 buttons on the face.

The perfect pad already exists, it’s called the Sega Saturn pad. There’s a USB version on eBay if you’re interested.