ATTN: All you Strider fans! I'm sending his creator a Christmas Card. Want in?

Earlier this year I had the honor of interviewing Kouichi “Isuke” Yotsui, a freelance game designer who used to work for Capcom. His most well-known game was and is Capcom’s arcade hit Strider, but you may know some of his others. If you’ve ever played as Strider Hiryu in Capcom’s Vs. games, you’ve definitely enjoyed Isuke’s handiwork.

Japanese gaming magazine Gameside interviewed Isuke in early 2009. He revealed that he was depressed at the end of 2008 because he’d had a game canceled. When I interviewed him, he thanked me for finding him and asking such in-depth questions. I saw how merely talking to him lifted his spirits, and had the idea to write him a thank-you card, including signatures from everyone who’d ever played or enjoyed one of his games. I wanted to send it to him for his birthday, but as he never told me when that was, we’re just going to have to settle for Christmas instead.

So. If you’d like to tell Isuke how much you like playing as Strider Hiryu in the Vs. games, how you’ve enjoyed Isuke’s other games, or how much you’re looking forward to Necromachina), please reply to this post with a short thank-you of no more than 3 lines. I will be monitoring this thread and compiling the thank-you’s as they come in. You may also tweet your message to Isuke yourself (his Twitter is @ifours) or email your message to me at scion238-{{AT}}-gmail-{{DOT}}-com. When emailing me, please use the subject line “Isuke’s Christmas Card” so I can keep track.

I am going to email everything to him on Christmas Eve, and will post both the message and Isuke’s reply in this forum. Deadline for signatures is December 23.

Here’s the card we sent him:

I’ll post his reply when I get it.


And then from his Twitter, he says, “??? (Has Santa! Thanks!!) I enjoyed the picture that you had drawn very much. I’m happy. Thank you!!”