Attn AV Masters!: Make Mycah Leonhart a new AV!

That’s right, I might put down the old Kyo AV, ONLY if the AV is good enough.

Please make it in the Normal and Mini sizes, thank you.

OC, Psycho Squall and other AV greats, can you help me out?

And of course the target is Kyo but I want KOF '03/XI Kyo.

Whatever you guys can comeup with!!!

dont change it man. youre like one of the three peeps on srk left with a really big av, and its not too shabby :stuck_out_tongue:

2k2 Kyo looks better

Damn, I guess I’ll keep it lol

good idea

I’ve had this AV since before KOF '02 was out, matter of fact I adopted this AV shortly after '00 was ripped…damned people all over went NUTS when that game was FINALLY ripped.

My OG Idea was to have '00 Kyo’s C. Select sprite (the one with him pointing a finger up) and I wanted that to be edited so it was his middle finger (then that AV would have NEVER even thought of leaving) but nobody would edit for me :sad:

I’d like to change it to 2K3 Kyo but i know that ain’t gonna happen now so I’m keeping this one.