Attn Bay Area Remy players

Where are you? Who are the best Remys in NorCal?

I need to step up my game and get serious, but to do this i’d like to learn from the best, in-game. I’m not into reading FAQs and SRK threads all day. We can play at MGL or wherever. Step to the table.

remy…lol. pick a new character dude. no one picks remy unless you live in hawaii.

Remy’s okay… but I don’t use him. Some of the guys I play against here in SoCal use him, and they don’t win as much as the others. Not a dis tho…:sweat:

That sounds like a challenge. :karate:
You’re right, but it’s probably partly because no one picks him that i was able to get 18 straight wins tonight. :looney:


Remy should be the official spokesman for spam.

hahaha, i agree with this


i have the best remy, but for some reason, i thought this thread was going to be a, who is the best remy, tutor me for money

tarantula, all these guys are scrubs and midget fuckers and shit. there is no good remy in norcal, you gotta make it happen.

GTFO I haven’t fucked midgets lately.

my bro is a good remy player its not his main character but hes good wit remy
we play at scandia were there almost every saturday night but maybe not this one

You guys play at Scandia (Rohnert Park)? How are the sticks. Last time I went (over the winter) they sucked pretty hard.

There ok. I use to hate them but then i just got used to them, but i still prefer my arcade stick and for me 1st player works better than 2nd player, Scandia isnt the best arcade but they have a few good things like MVC2, GGX2, SC2, Darkstalkers, project justice, tekken tag (no more tekken 5), but they dont have CVS2 (sux) and the Street Fighter Anniversary edition arcade machine is only SF2 now.

Hey Lyle, what’s up? Do you ever play at MGL?

I’m declaring myself the best Remy in NorCal since apparently i’m the only one who plays him as main. I think mine is officially good at this point.

Objectively [and honestly] speaking, your Remy isn’t good at all. You spam too many random buttons when you’re under pressure, which is easy parry bait. You constantly jump and early fierce, then land and either try to spam throw or [more likely] flash kick. You rely on gimmicks rather than solid gameplay, which is fine… for a round. Also, walk up throw when you wake up? Not so good.

I think the only reason you win at all is because: 1) people are screwing around and get caught off guard or 2) people simply don’t know how to fight against Remy. Sorry.


Tarantula I can test your skillz…

ft10 for $100 Remy mirror.

no one cares about best remy in norcal or best sean in milpitas etc… if you want to get better just go play a lot, watch vids, and play some more. learn from your mistakes.

:lol: for a second I thought this section was going to be about the card game remy :rofl:

i just learned to play that card game yesterday!

Remy or Rummy?