Attn Capcom: I'm not happy with AI on Hardest

I just want the world to know I’m disappointed by the Ai on Hardest in SFxTekken.

They rarely tag out when they are low on health and only do about 75% of the moves the character is capable of doing.
I realize AI isn’t a big deal to most, but, it is to me cause i got crappy internet and lag to much online.
I’ve played over 40 matches on Hardest and the Ai has NEVER ONCE GONE INTO PANDORA MODE.
sooo bored already :-/

Please at the least fix the AI and make the game harder.

thanks for your time.

m3b_ on ps3

-concerned customer with over 800 hours of sf4 logged.

If I locked the first thread then don’t make a second one.