ATTN: Flight 610'ers!

ok, so we trying to mob there together??? my parents live 5 minutes away from the airport, so im going to be there at 8ish and gonna call a cab from there. if you guys wanna meet there (IE take a bus there or get dropped off since theres not a lot of parking) and roll out in one of them cab vans, it would cut cost down by a lot. the light rail is open, but im not 100% how close it is to my parents, and it might just be better to take the shuttle to the airport. and if youre gonna cab, might as well go all the way to the airport, since its really close by. its a good chance to mini prefunk (seriously, no getting faded at the risk of not being able to board the flight). im just throwin that out there, but either or, we’ll all see each other at the airport!!

Oh. I guess a bus/shuttle for the 90 of us would have made a lot of sense. =\

(driving down with g-dawg)

what time is your flight to vegas. I’ll be their in the morning thurs around 8:30 - 9ish.

Im probably leaving about 9am to get to seatac, but I’m getting dropped off…so ill just see yalls there.

My dad is dropping me off.

My gf dropping me off. I plan on being there around 9:30 - 9:45.

I’m Not going but I hope you guys will get their safe and sound rep the northwest and Always BET ON BLACK

on the mean time enjoy these videos

Frank Angry against Elliot

Frank spitting knowledge about his love for black Mamba’s

DUDE I can’t believe that you were recording a video about Black Mamba’s!!! Please dude please take it down cause some people at my job don’t know about that…

Mr. JoDonnell is giving me a lift to the port, even w/o going to EVO. Mad props and infinite rep if I could.

will do sir give em hell son! or as you would say “My hands is purple bitch!”