ATTN: Merkyl999x and Luis1luis1 (And others) [X-23 Video Guide Help]



I’m working on an extremely extensive and lengthy (I’m guessing it’ll be around 2 hours) video guide for X-23. I was hoping I could ask you two, and anyone else who was interested, in helping flesh out and finish the guide. (I know I already asked you, Luis, but this is more for the rest of the players, too.) I have the guide on a Google doc, so for anyone who wants to see, even if you aren’t able to add at the moment:

It’s part guide, part outline for the video, so excuse many of the notes you see that aren’t X-23 related. I have it set so anyone who views it can leave comments without directly editing it, and I’m hoping I can get the rest of the X-23 community’s support. My biggest thing I need help with is the Matchup section, but hopefully I can get that filled in soon enough.


I’ve gotten a little help so far, and I’m making more progress on the guide, so I’m happy about that. =D


Man, I feel bad for not noticing this earlier. :confused:

I’m all for helping out. I’ll take a look at your notes and see what I can add.

Edit: I haven’t read through everything, but there’s lots of little tidbits missing or incorrect in the specials part. I’ll try to do a full writeup for you soon.


I figured there’d be some stuff that was either wrong or incomplete, hence why I asked for the forum’s help. I wouldn’t want to put up a guide that had bad information. (Also, writing this guide has helped me learn X-23 better, which is always great.) I appreciate the help. =)


Part of the prototype intro is finished! I’ll upload it tomorrow night hopefully.

EDIT: Managed to get it done faster than I expected. Thus, here’s a rough look at what I want the intro to look like:


I have a decent TAC reset I came up with if you wanna add that in. Doesn’t need assists and works Mid-screen and in corner but not full screen. My team is X-23, Doom, Skrull so its an important part of my game. Could be mentioned for any team that likes to double dirt-nap using a TAC infinite character.

H(mfc)H(mfc) H 2H 236M M S Space everything apart a tick from the super jump to S M(hit before opponent hits the ground) c.H (L for reset, H for TAC) (430k, 450k if you started with an a.236L rather than an H)

If L: (reset)
H 2H 236M M S (land then jump) H 2h 236L (land) HS (normal combo from here…)

Works really well and adds a layer of thinking for your opponent to keep em guessing. If they block the H for the reset i usually 2H 236L and grab them when they hit the ground or back off pending on how ballsy they are.


Went through and added notes for starting section and normals, I’ll pick back up at specials when I get a chance and try to do an an expanded team selection portion.

Teaser looks really solid, looking forward to the rest of it.

On the TAC fake, doing reset > H dH (delay for height) TA M, falling j.MS land, jump MHSxxTA L, etc. has worked a little better for me since S knocks them down and lets you delay a bit longer than doing a dH there.

If you find the sj. hit confirm video from way back when, it’s the exact same combo as that.


Kycse, yeah, once I figured out you could SJ confirm with X-23, I eventually figured out you could do the “Magneto” reset (a.H into TAC or a.L into hit or grab). I do imagine it works more effectively if the enemy knows the TAC will lead into a dead character, though.

Merkyl, holy bananas, that’s a lot of info! =D Gonna spend a while incorporating all of it into the guide. Although, I think what might be confusing is the “Hit Confirm” section. It’s moreso a “how easily you could convert this move into a combo if it’s the first move in the combo” as opposed to “how well you could use it as the first move in a combo”, though I ended up having both of those find their way into that section at different times. (Most notably with s.S; it’s not good as a method of hit confirming, obviously, but if you DO get a hit, confirming is obviously easy.) Either way, thanks a ton. :slight_smile: And alas, I don’t really have access to recording footage of the Vita version of Marvel, so I can’t get hit box/hurt box data, but the best I could maybe do is take this video and either linking to it or cutting out different sections of it and putting it directly into the guide.


My vita copy it’s on loan, but I’ll see if I can get some footage for you so you don’t have to ask someone else for permission.


I’d majorly appreciate that. =) Also, quick question: in your comment discussing X-23 team order, you mentioned something about having a Thor TOD from SoM. What’s SoM? (Been sitting here thinking of what it could stand for, and I couldn’t think of anything.)

EDIT: Also, Merkyl, do you happen to go to majors? I’d feel honored to run some sets with you. =)


I go to most of the east coast majors. All for getting matches in, but I’m mostly a lab monster, lol.

Start of match - SoM


Ah, gotcha, thanks. And I was considering going to a few majors before Evo, specifically UFGT and/or CEO. Any chance you’ll show up at one of those? Even still, despite having watched your playstyle with X-23, I feel like I’d learn a lot more if we were there and just ran sets for a while so you could explain your thought processes.


Maybe ceo, don’t think I can swing ufgt thus year.


That’d be cool. I could use the mirror match experience. See what works against me, how I react, all that good stuff. Again, I really appreciate the help with the guide. =) I’m hoping to get the word out so that this would be more of a community guide instead of just me. I want input from various X-23 players so it feels more like a combined effort.


I also want to make sure you note that you can Crescent Scythe loop Mid-screen on anyone taller than Wolverine. Not sure if its my tech but i have noticed nobody uses it. AFAIK, I’m the only one that does.

EDIT: Well, you CAN do it on Wolverine but only 2 loops rather than the full 3 and its rather inconsistent. Maybe I should have said Zero.


Huh, that sounds interesting. I’ll have to give that a shot.


Whats really interesting is you can do the reset into H 2H then TAC anyways which really catches people off guard and usually gets a few laughs, too.


Wait, really? See, THAT I need to try out. My only initial gripe with that idea is, why reset into a TAC when you could just TAC right away? The tech could be useful if, for some reason, there’s too much hit stun to combo into the TAC, but if my goal is to TAC, why risk setting up a reset to do it when I could just TAC without the risk of the reset not working?


I dunno, if you change your mind? Reset into TAC Up has never failed me when i went for it, Side/Down has failed me a couple times but not much compared to how many times it’s gone through. when people see Reset they tend to just hold back afterwards. Once they see it though…


I suppose there’d have to be a very specific instance for it, because if I’ve succeeded with the reset, there’s a 99% chance that character is doing to die from the following combo, anyway. I’ll admit that it’s definitely a fun trick to do, but outside of some weird, situational instance (like maybe a fakeout for a side exchange on a Phoenix team), it just doesn’t seem terribly practical to me.