Attn Sagat Forums: I hate you all

You know why. So much moaning. So much crying. Disgracing yourselves and making this community out to be a laughing stock. Yeah, I’m venting. Fuck off.



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i expected a blog but this will do just fine EL, i think super is bringing out more scrubs instead of weeding them out its just now you cant press forward RH and win with sagat

But now I actually have to learn matchups! Guile is even! WTF it was a free win before, I want everything to be a free win, not to work my ass off at all.

Whose dumbass idea was it to nerf Sagat anyhow? I mean, what the hell? Why would you want to nerf the King? They call him The King for a reason, damn it.

You are the real “win” button good sir!

Spoken like a true Saiyan.

Btw, I agree.

sagat sucks EL wahhhhhhhh

how u do tiga knee? thx man

Salt mines lol

I agree I myself have vented anger about Sagats nerfs and how he doesnt feel right and how AS blows etc. But im done complaining. I respect the people who choose to carry on with Sagat and make up for the nerfs and implement his AS and etc.Emblem lord , I respect your arrogance. Its good that your still kicking ass with sagat . But I want some tournament results man. I just dont see it , no matter how many people your beating in ranked/ online. But apart from a secondary sagat will no longer be my main. After extensive sets with the top players from my scene , Its just too much . Im not saying waa waa sagat has bad match ups now I quit, Im saying in the context of my scene , most of these guys knew the sagat match like the back of their hands , and even in vanilla they gave me a harder and harder time as we played more. Then SSF4 hit and at first I got over the nerfs , destroyed some scrubs here and there. But when the real competition comes ( note , pay attention at Evo) Sagat is semi free, Kind of in a pshycological way . Good players by now know the match up with their eyes closed. Couple that with the nerfs and it seems like its a phsyical and pshycoligcal nerf.

i agree sagat got nerfed…

EL i heard a honda went 20-19 with you online…WTF? lol i want to play sagat!

This thread needs to be stickied and/or nominated for an article.

No sarcasm haha. Seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl. Can I get a chance to relearn the match? lololol Anyway, the match is probably even or slight advantage to Sagat. I need to figure out exactly how I wanna play that one though. Mainly though I gotta work on kara TU to punish MP headbutts. Gotta be frame perfect.

Jihad: Nah nah, if you wanna quit or drop Sagat that’s one thing. That’s not even what I’m talking about. I mean if you are going to play Sagat then don’t cry about him. Just play him and deal with the nerfs. Either way there is no reason to whine. Platy him or don’t. It’s been what? 2 weeks. The time for crying has passed. Time to stick to your guns or move the hell on.

I think Sagat players are just collectively surprised at how big the nerfs change his game. Fundamentally he’s still the same anyway… you just can’t get away with all the BS you used to in vanilla. I still main him because I find him fun to play, and I love the character. The fact that some matchups have to be completely re-learned makes him even more of a challenge.

He’ll remain my main… with Guy on the side.

lol good post nines, and ok EL i understand i’ll help you out U2 is amazing AA on jump ins and can punish mp and hp headbutt on block but you dont like that ultra so good luck landing a F. RH U1 on my honda :stuck_out_tongue:

KK. Ultra 2 in this match-up it is.

Thanks to your’s truly :china:

Best thread ever.