Attn Sagat Forums: I hate you all

Jewelman_ let’s get some games tonight, I’ll add you tonight. PSN: Dflame87

I still main Sagat and receive a ton of hatemail from scrubs telling me I am a tier whore for using Sagat.

Some DSP fan even sent me a message saying that Capcom is retarded because they actually buffed Sagat because they gave him a new move…

Now that Sagat is nerfed, I am playing Sagat.

That’s pretty retarded IMO, but do as you like.

Your butt is pretty retarded.

For me, FG’s aren’t about the V. They’re about me getting the V off of my own abilities. The more powerful a character is, the more of a crutch they inherently place on my satisfaction. Hence, why I am now able to accept Sagat. He’s still top tier, but he’s not stupid any more. I just felt bad every time I got 213 damage off of a counter-hit TU. That wasn’t enjoyment for me.

Is that why Uncle Phil is happy?

No he’s happy because his groove is on and Vivian is lookin fine tonight.

You are gonna feel equally bad when you AA someone with HK and get 50 damage for a counter hit.

His st.RH was too good anyway. TU is still a beast AA, which is more than one can say about Ryu’s shoryuken.

Honestly the issue I have with playing Sagat now is I handicapped myself in vanilla with Guile’s Crouching Fierce First of American Justice FistPump Glory, and now I can’t do DP on reaction to jump ins. Other than that I’m loving the new Sagat, still miss Guile now and then just because of the shades :frowning:

I went back to play vanilla for a bit, and I just lol’d at how much damage TU did. Not even counterhit.

Nah, tbh 100 damage off of TU is a bit of a joke. DP’s are supposed to be a threat when up front and in close. That’s why they have so much recovery. I agree 170 damage is a bit much, but 100 damage is laughable. It would have been better if they went the Ryu route and gave Sagat 100 damage on the first hit, then 50 damage on the second. Deep AA’s and FADC’s would have caused 100 damage (or maybe the full 150 on a deep AA, depending upon juggle values) and early AA’s 50 damage, but TU would still be worth using in combos and a significant source of intimidation on the ground, whilst not having stupid counterhit damage.

Yeah Zangief is still gonna wish s.HK did 2 damage. LOL.

The second hit of st.rh now sucks ass, minimal damage and that’s not the worst part, it is a low priority move now and is easily beaten out. Much better to stick to far with zangief, and st.rh to punish things.

As a Guile player, I’m ecstatic at the changes to Sagat. Yes, finally those cheesing Sagat players can feel some pain. Some Sagat players can still put up a good fight, but no more of the unskilled masses winning through abuse of imbalances. Makes me giddy… :slight_smile:

Coffee black vivian I hope?

Is it tru that uncle phil done the voice of shredder for the ninja turtles?

And now in SSFIV, we have to put up with the living wall that is Guile. Sonic Boom! repeat xinfinite

Yes, it is true.

Even though Sagat was my main in vanilla and I changed my main because I can’t deal with the nerfs (what can I say? I am not skilled enough to dish out extra damages required to win a match nowadays) I am ok with the nerfs because it makes facing Sagat not such a daunting task. I think I lost to one Sagat on ranked so far. The number of Sagats dropped dramatically as well. I faced more Juris and Codys than Sagat now.

I’ve been playing Sagat more and more lately, he’s a lot of fun, and a nice change of pace from most of the stuff I play when I don’t random select ( lots of rushdown characters… ) … and he’s cool! Love that taunt #9

Given that you’re a guile player… your gloating about tiers is really funny.