Attn sagat fourms the crying stops now! (New Sagat Stratagies)


Based on tier list

A+: Rufus, Akuma

A: Abel, Dictator, Ryu, Chun Li, Boxer, E. Honda

B+: Zangief, Ibuki, Sagat, Guile, Blanka

B: Cammy, T. Hawk, Juri, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, Ken, C. Viper

C+: Seth, Fei Long, DeeJay, Cody, Dudley, Adon, Gouken, Rose

C: Gen, Claw, Guy, Hakan

D: Makoto, Sakura, Dan

Rufus A+ OK A+ OMG WERE SO SCARED NO! Sagat players i recommend we do the same basic keep away Like in SF4 with My good old friend ST.HK Since Rufus His a high hitbox character(Scrub Translation:Tall) The Hard kick should work BUT Not all the time is is recommended that he should be away from sagat at all times. the tiger shots should not be spammed because Rufus’s Jump forward H.P Is very Far and deceiving Also his 2nd ultra. When Rufus has come in to sagat space do not mash uppercut or you will get counter Hit into more combos. Maintain composure and wait for a opening to jump away or Standing Hard kick. Recommended ultra (TIGER DESTRUCTION)

Abel A - Very tough character to deal with What i do is when he jumps or rolls ST.HK
Also when he comes in because good able players get in DO NOT PANIC!! Maintain composure and fallow when he wants to reset then Uppercut or block or grab either way stay away and keep your space from him and control the tempo and space. My recommended ultra (TIGER DESTRUCTION)

Akuma A+ - I have plenty of experience with Akuma and it is understandable the problems you are having. Do not worry. First to start is with is with the fireball match up. It seems like this can go both way(HEHE) It is recommended that you learn Kara Tiger shot because when Akuma jumps in the air for fire ball you could use tiger cannon or the tiger shots. DO not span tiger shots because a full screen EX demon flip is waiting When Akuma does a demon flip when a wake up it depends on the space of akuma and when he does it. it is either a fake or a grab or a kick A grab should be right when you get up a kick is before you get up and a fake is right after. If akuma does a demon flip anywhere Jump forward and Fierce Punch him a great NO demon flips defense. Recommended Ultra (TIGER CANNON)

Dictator- This fucker has invaded PSN lol. ok So There are 2 types of dictators the Head stop guys or the Spinning scissors kick in your face guys My idea is to keep him away and if he head stomps or fakes jump Fierce punch. Tiger shots never good to spam. If they keep scissors kicking you must neutral jump sometimes and try to combo him with a ex Low TS to keep him away. Recommended Ultra (TIGER DESTRUCTION)

Ryu- I believe since the Nurf ryu is the hardest character to deal with From what i see mago do what he does is win THE FIREBALL GAME. When he jumps over the tiger shots he Kara tiger uppercut or tiger uppercut depends on the space of where ryu is. Footsie game: We lost this i could not find a way to footsie win Great Ryu Player what mago does is Low Hard tiger shot in their face and bait jumping You gotta mix it up faking moves then Low Hard Tiger shot To get them to jump. Ryu getting in? What too is wait till he Medium kicks hadouken or Tech his grabs or Uppercut Then try to keep him away.I don’t like these options myself my safest way to get him out before was ST.LK Into Low tiger shot now we don’t have so we are screwed. Most of the time. BTW His ultra Tiger cannon can go through his hadoukens Think of it like able’s First Ultra. Recommended Ultra (TIGER CANNON)

Chun Li- Chun Li Just stay away from her tiger shot till she has a first ultra then tiger shots when she is not holding her charge if he jumps upper cut pretty simple. If its a good chun Li just tech her grabs by holding down back and keep pressing Light P + Light.k Chun li wants to be somewhat close to you so her pokes have the most effect stay out of her range of pokes and keep the pressure on her because without her 1 EX Bar is is very difficult for her to stop the pressure of sagat unless she is mashing crouching L.K

Boxer- This dumb ass wants to get in and do his combos remember to keep him away with tiger shots and when he jumps Kara Tiger uppercut. ST.HK Is a very useful too against Him. Tiger knee use to be useful but In super do not use against him because its so slow when he is on he floor balrogs punches can lead into a combo. Recommended Ultra (Both ultras)

HONDA- Tigershots Then if he jumps uppercut. if he headbutts Reverse with a tiger cannon. Recommended Ultra (TIGER CANNON)

Zangief- Pretty simple i don’t have to say that much Tiger shots TIGER SHOTS MORE TIGER SHOTS THEN TIGER UPPERCUT!! lol ST.HK Really effective keep in mind and tiger knee during his Spinning larriets Recommended Ultra (TIGER CANNON)

Ibuki- Still learning…

Sagat - Go Cut yourself Recommended Ultra LOL (TIGER CANNON)

Guile - Guile wants to win sonic booming then walking towards you attacking what you should do is do not focus his sonic booms. win the fireball battle against him forcing him to jump or lose at sonic booming. Recommended Ultra For Pro Players (TIGER CANNON) Recommended Ultra For average Players (Tiger Destruction).

Blanka - OH MAN. I love beating this character in this game it makes me feel so good. FIRST THING ONLY LOW TIGER SHOTS. BTW SAGAT DOES HAVE A NO EX ROLL ALLOWED! Lol its Standing Medium Punch but you must press it as soon as you call the ex roll. So for example You knock down your blanka you through a tiger shot and he gets up you know he is going to do the ex roll and so as soon as he does it (Goes Through the fireball) You Press standing medium punch it will stop his ex Roll. His jumps are also very deceiving its best that your focus Then hit then he will block you dash forward the he will do the Vertical ex ball and restart where you were. That’s just an example. when blanka keeps jumping over you when you are knocked down just buffer the tiger uppercut and whatever side he lands on it will Press the Punch button for the tiger uppercut it will auto correct the tiger uppercut.

ya just tell me what you think

Most of this info is pointless…or already posted…

Ya we must have a lot of information on ryu. -_-

Good stuff Mosh!I have one question though,can u please explain the standing MP as a NO EX ROLL strategy?Thankx

The sagat forums are dead. Any info is appreciated , go be emo somewhere else. Moshtaba thanks for taking the time to write this up. good stuff.

Sure the standing medium punch of sagats can stop the blanka ex horizontal roll I’ll post a video to show you how to stop it later on today.

Good shit Moshtaba always interesting to read a really good sagat players thoughts on character match ups. For the A hole that said what a waste of time, bitch i dont see you trying to level up anyone elses game with any type of information. Sagat is really a tuff character to main now, no easy wins, less tools.

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The sagat forums are dead. Any info is appreciated , go be emo somewhere else. QUOTE]

LOL best quote i’ve heard in a while. I agree. Anyone taking the time to add some strats here is a welcome contribution.


oh, and btw Moshtaba’s one of the best players on PSN, so before you insult him, maybe you should listen.

Thanks Rage

I don’t understand the strat against dictator, other than that it is very helpful. Thanks for the info!

Sometimes you jump up in the air and he will do scissors kick and u can combo It

For example Jump Medium kick, Down Light Punch, Ex Low Tiger SHot

Thought I’d help out with the matchups by linking this here.
EmblemLord’s Sagat Vs Guile Matchup Studies

Good stuff Mosh, just tried to add you on psn not sure if you list is full.

nemesys lets get some games id like to play that guile

go easy on me tho, im garbage

my psn: Revolver_STi

My Guile, you mean? lol. My Guile sucks butt. Big time, roflmao.

yea ur guile,

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Cool. We’ll get some matches in tonight or what not. You can also catch me in that irc channel in my sig. I’m always in there.

just throwing this in. Against Abel, Sagats s.short stuffs that dude out of everything. I don’t know weather it works for any other match ups. haven’t really had too much match up experience.