attn: saviet


As many of you know. I have been banned from SRK for more than 3 years, and this site went down in results to that. Sure, Girlyman posters like Fishjiz are to blame for turning this site to the 09ers den in where we can’t act like men anymore – which caused this site to lose it’s members due to how disgusting he is but one specific poster is someone i have a problem with.

that poster is @Soviet

I don’t know if i said her name right or not but the reason why I am calling this piece of shit out is because during the time I was away, this poster did nothing but steal a lot of my shit just to give himself a name. A name she could never get when I was here.

You son of a bitch. I am calling your ass out because that is like copyright infringement shit.


lol. GET EM


What is her name exactly again? Sovieor, Saviet or Soviet?






There are many people who wanted to be like me, have the same name like me (regardless of spelling differences), whether in this forum, other forums or even in real life. That guy couldn’t sell because they all knew his name was a bootleg version of mine. Just like Sov3it who made a lot of posts that contained a lot of stuff that i said first.


Fucking hell.

Cisco not playing around right now.
Shots fired and I wanna see how this plays out for real, shrinking violets and what not LOLOLOL


Cisco coming back to srk like…

girly men don’t stand a fucking chance yo!




ps - thanks for saving SRK


@Cisco wouldn’t it be smarter to form the ultimate unstoppable tag team and rain unsolicited hell on all these mid card chumps wasting bandwidth?