ATTN: SO CALI CVS2 Players (-Bi Weekly Ranbats-)

…are starting up. I got the jumper cables and about to attempt to put some life into Cvs2 in so cali. Starting this Friday Sept 8th will be the first of many CVS2 Weekly Ranking Battles. They will be every other friday after this first one(basically in between the 3s ones).

I want to keep this consitant so people get used to coming and know that there will always be a cvs2 tourney going on. CVS2 is too random atm at FFA. We got a lot of ninja ass fools coming up in CVS2 so time to these fools even sharper.

So here goes , This Friday sept 8th at 8:00pm…FFA. Sign ups at 7:30.

If you cant make this one, no worries try and make the next one in 2 weeks.



sticks good at ffa? we can take our own and hook them up on the jap cabs right?

They are being worked on. Not sure if they will be ready by friday though. Sticks should be all golden though. That ninja Shogo is on top of it =D


i’ll try to make it tomorrow. however, last time i went h2h wasin bad shape. only good cab was the big screen. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEE fix the custom jap cab…

are there any working cvs2 cabs at ffa for casuals?

i think i’ll show up for the next one

Attention Everyone:

CvS2 has brand new Happ Competition sticks installed. Amir playtested them and gave them the thumbs-up. The next step is to install Hard Springs on the sticks.

We’ll also be installing a set on MvC2, and eventually replace any broken sticks at FFA with Comps.