ATTN: Spriters

My brother (blip) is currently working on a side-scrolling beat-em-up game and is requesting sprite art from artists willing to contribute sprites to the project.

Here is a sample of what’s been done so far: Super Phone Conflict Alpha

If you’re having trouble with that link, PM me and I’ll send you another link or send you the file through some other means.

If interested, please contact blip at

The artist created some sprites and released them in a flash file. Blip ran across the flash file one day, ripped the sprites from the flash, and created the alpha version of the game using the artists sprites (with permission, I believe). FYI. It took blip under a week to create this version from scratch, so obviously there’s still much to be done.

Unfortunately, the original artist has been lost or doesn’t seem interested in contributing any new artwork (I think). At this point, further progression into the project would go much more smoothly with more sprites to work with. Which is why he is requesting contributions.

What he is requesting is anything – stuff like: character sprites, enemy sprites, backgrounds, powerups, explosions, and shell art. Anything that anyone is willing to contribute will most likely be welcomed. I believe full sprite sets would be best. Trying to copy the original artists style is not necessary and not recommended (though you can if you want), you may provide whatever you want. It is also advisable to try and keep the sprites at roughly the same size. Here’s a sample of what was used: here. Also, if you use anti-aliasing, please try to keep it inside the perimeter of the sprite – so that the border of the sprite is solid and not anti-aliased (blended) with the background, that way the sprite can be easily seperated from the background. We also recommend using PNG file format for the sake of quality/file size.

For further information, please contact blip. I can try and answer questions here, but it’d probably be best if you contacted him directly. Feel free to ask anything. Also feel free to spread the word around to anyone who might be interested.

Do it for the children.