ATTN: Thieves at Preppy's


i would just like to put out there, that a lot of us know who took the things at zachs. so, for the sake of the sf4 tournament scene in seattle and the people who have gotten their things taken, i am asking you to step forward and turn it in on zachs door steps. you can keep your identities secret, but WE know who you are.

we’ll give you FIVE days. starting with today, to return the items. the money has probably been spent, but you have five days to come up with it. if not, then we’ll just take matters into our own hands.


They don’t read the forums methinks.

EDIT: Seriously though, does anyone know the randoms that brought friends? I’m sorry but like you said it’s NOT that big of a group of suspects, it’s just not hard to tell who’s capable of that sort of thing.


so what are the items did these thieves take?


Wait, we know who it was?

Pm that ish to me Josh.


It was this guy???



LOL thats funny…


Does anybody know definitively? Right now as far as I’m aware there is just a Strong Suspicion.


Zach I’ve never met you in person, but I’ve heard great things. I’m sorry that people are retarded.


if i think its the person who josh thinks it is… i dont really think its him/them but i could be wrong and my reason for this is because the person/persons that i think josh is thinking of was downstairs in the media room the whole night… well while i was there (10pm till they left) and the only other place i’ve seen them was outside when they were about to leave but i don’t think anyone is 100% sure its this or that person yet.


HAHA i believe it was him


I have strong supcisouns with 2 individuals.

1 being Gerogia who was seen at the scene of the crime before the crime but not after by multiple people. He also didn’t know anyone there and didn’t seem to be invited.

2 being the brown haired hat wearing individual only seen by Jamie and Paul Lee who mentioned he didn’t want to enter any tournaments because he needed money for drugs. he also didn’t know anyone and was not there after Zach had said something about the items being stolen. Paul can give a name of the this individual.

All of you please stop posting bull shit except facts that help find these ass holes. Honestly, it’s not ok.



Edit: no offense E-man, just pointing out the contradiction.


Stop posting things that don’t apply or have already been addressed. Aka the reason the Preppopolis thread was locked.


"All of you please stop posting bull shit except facts that help find these ass holes. "

hes saying stop posting random bullshit like your post (no offense) and only post facts about who may have done it (like his post)

edit: oh i get ur point its suspicions and not fact? meh wtvr either way what he said contributed somewhat to helping the situation


To be honest there’s no gain to pointing fingers in a public forum, it’s not gonna get anyone anywhere. As much as I’d like the thief to come forward and return the stuff it’s not gonna happen. Too much time has passed already and the person clearly isnt tied to the scene much less SRK or else the backpack/purse raiding wouldn’t have happened to begin with.

If you know who it is then great, what are you gonna do? Call the cops? (Hint: won’t get anything resolved) Track em down and beat the goods out of them? Nope, the money is spent and the rest of the stuff is at the pawn shop. What happened happened, respect Zach’s decision and move on. Maybe I’m a bit more jaded since growing up my house has been robbed twice and my family lost thousands each time. The second time I lost my Dreamcast, hella games and my new camera, fucken bullshit. Cops wrote a report, did a half assed job getting prints, and probably forgot about it when they left.


Some of us aren’t willing to just let shit slide like that.


Define not letting it slide? I’m just as pissed that Zach’s hospitality got abused, I’m just saying this CSI:Seattle shit isn’t gonna get anything done. Either the guy steps forward or he doesn’t.

Calm down. Scroll up and notice Josh started this thread, and as a warning not as a call for some investigation that’s only gonna hurt relationships with other people if you’re wrong. Please don’t tell me what I can or can’t say especially if I don’t know you and I’m being rational.


I am really really pissed off about this, because by next month I DEFINITELY will have a car. I think for the two years or so that I had a car I missed MAYBE 5-6 Preppy nights from prior arrangements or being outside the country. I was SUPER excited to be able to hang out with you guys again more regularly.

I am so dissapointed, but also not surprised, there were WAY too many people no one knew who the fuck they are. I know that at one point this applied to me, but when new people trickle in it’s easier to keep an eye on them, than the FLOOD of new people that SFIV brought in.

I also couldn’t STAND it when there were new people who had NO social skills and did not even greet Zach in his own house. Honestly even before the theft I wouldn’t have blamed Zach for making it Invite only, or Poker+Marvel only. Zach doesn’t really give a damn about SFIV (I don’t think), so I was amazed at his graciousness and how long the good ride lasted.

Zach, I have truly had some great times at your house over the years, and I really appreciate you giving me so much to look forward to. You don’t even know how much it meant to me to go eat waffles at your house on thanksgiving when my own family didn’t open their house to me. You are one of the best people in our community.

WOW, when my house got robbed the cops showed up and didn’t even bother talking to the person I told them I STRONGLY suspected who did it, and also did not bother to take any prints or anything.

Probably because I lived in a shitty duplex in the Central District, who cares about crimes against the poor. :lame:


I didn’t take any offense Ice you’re a homie and I see the facts vs suspicion contradiction you pointed out LOL

I just feel that Zach will feel a whole lot better about the situation if he knows who did it and finds out that it wasn’t a member of the SRK fam and really just an outsider random/ugly dude (hopefully)


who knows that random white guy that Paul Lee was talking about? That’s what I want to know. Cause honestly when Paul was talking about it at HeavyD’s place I really was like

Who the fuck is this, cause I didn’t see him once all night.

does anyone at all remember this dude? And does anyone remember who he came with?