Attn US 3s Players : Pyrolee needs your help


As you know, SBO is right around the corner, and Pyrolee, member of US 3s qualified team, is short on funds for the trip, due to being laid off just recently.

We have a donation site set up here:

ChipIn: Send Pyrolee to SBO Japan

If you can contribute anything its very much appreciated. This year is probably the US’s best chance to do well at SBO, so were really hoping to be able to raise the money.



Hi everyone,

We are having a fundraiser this weekend at Denjin Arcade. It’ll be a lock in that goes all night.

The owner will provide food for all players. All games will be on freeplay and there will be many events being hosted.

Such as Denjin Handball, Denjin Liar Dice, Starcraft 2 Challenge vs Broomzerg, Denjin Arm Wrestling, Denjin Pushup/Pullup Contest, Denjin Beerpong, Ray Ramos kissing booth, SSF4 tournaments and of course lots and lots of 3rd Strike.

It will be $20 to stay and play all night until everyone is exhausted. All funds will go to the SBO donation. Please show up if you can!


donated 20$, wish I could afford more atm, gl guys.


Why doesn’t he have a job?


yeah, where did he work at?


He worked as a teacher, and got laid off at the beginning of the month.

Thanks for any contributions you can make or just HAVE GOOD HOPE!


Pyrolee was a school teacher. Probably the best damn teacher to ever live. I’m saving up right now haha.


Hey guys, for those that donated and even if you didn’t donate and believe in the team, we’re going to try to stream our Denjin lock-in event.

We’ve never done a stream ever before, so I can’t promise it will work, but hope for the best.

We’ll post more details later on at night, but the stream will probably be on at about 11pm PST. PLEASE TUNE IN!


Hi guys,

Thanks for your help but it seems even with the financial help, Pyro still won’t be able to go to Japan this year. Bummer.

I will refund everyones money that donated to the Paypal account.

But me and Ken will still do our best.

Also the stream was a failure because the internet at Denjin was way too slow to upload, I tried to go on SRK to post about it but I couldn’t even load SRK.

Anyways, we did record some videos, hopefully we will get that up ASAP!


:sad: :shake:

Wow, that really sucks. I hope Pyrolee is able to find another job soon. Good luck at SBO and have a great time in Japan. Kick some ass!


profound sadness

but best of luck to y’all


OMG the year we have the best chance. one of our strongest cant go :sad:


how much more is needed?


wow… :sad:…


Get a loan >_>

No but seriously that is a bummer, would have been nice to see how well this team could have done.


Awful news…

Suggestion: play sf4 for a couple days, get on a stream, then ask again for donations. Just say you have to go to Japan for “Street Fighter”. It’ll work.



If pyro was a girl we would have got twice as much as was needed :arazz:


well, you could always whore out yourself to one hundred fat chicks…

fat girls need love too! :rofl:


face chun, donate your ticket to the greater good. :party:



Anyway its not even a matter of finances anymore. He has other burdens to take care of which are more important I would assume. He already contributed by naming the team Apocalypse. It would be nice to be the first 2 man team to win anyways :slight_smile:

YouTube - DenjinArcade’s Channel

Here are the videos from the Denjin lock in event. There is some lag in the videos.