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I am a big fan of the Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide! However, when quoting from the Guide, I ran into a bit of a problem. The information, especially the “official” statements, do not properly cite the source… this becomes a problem when attempting to use the information in another format, as the veracity of the statement is called into question when the statement lacks a verifiable source.

An example would be this: “The main confirmed info is that Gouki, who wasn’t registered and signed into the tournament, jumped in and killed Vega at the end using the shungokusatsu, and Ryu found Vega’s smoldering remains afterwards.”

Where was it confirmed that Gouki killed Vega? There is no citation indicating the exact source of this information, so its confirmation is actually in question. I would actually enjoy using the Plot Canon Guide as a legitimate source of information for a number of endeavors, including a Gouki fan website… it’s difficult to do so, however, because of the current format of the document.

If I might make a suggestion? Update the guide, providing legitimate source citation for all of the “official” and “confirmed” information provided in the guide.

Thank you for your time! Keep up the good work!


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