Attn: West Coast TE Stick Users

There’s a sale going on at fry’s if you bought your TE stick there (within the last 30 days I believe). They have to match prices and if it’s one of their products they refund 110%, I bought mine July 25th and got 65$ back. Just bring some form of verification.

Edit: Sale confirmed at various middle america and east coast fry’s.

100$ online, so if you wanna buy a stick for cheap or wanna cash in on the resale online I highly suggest this.

Doh, it’s the entire country if you order online. You were first to post but maybe a mod can edit your subject so everyone knows and then I’ll delete my duplicate.

Too great a deal to pass up! East coast people only have about 8 more hours :tup:

Damn now I have a dilemma. Should I dual mod or should I pick up another stick… I already have two te and an hrap… HELP!

Pick up the stick man, 65 dollars off? Hell yes do it.

just went and grabbed one, thanks for the heads up. the guy at the counter was shocked by the deal…he tought it was some kinda mistake ::pleased:

Ugh, sucks not having money! I would totally get one.

zomg, I’m so on this!!!

Ordered mine off the site, should be here in a few days. Great stuff!

damn, I miss fry’s they always have random awesome like this. and the guy who i know would get me one is at a family reunion in washington :sad:

is that $100 already with shipping?

It depends where they’re shipping to. Some of my friends got a little under 110 shipped while others got a tiny bit more than 120.